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Who is Amir Khan?

Aamir Khan is a bollywood actor. He has strred in many films since he was a teenager. One of his recent movies is entitled, Ghajini. He has many other movies like, Fanaa and T ( Full Answer )
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In Kuwait what is the Amir?

Emir is Arabic for Commander, General and Prince. The Kuwaiti Emir's full title is "His Highness the Amir of the State of Kuwait", suggesting that in his case "Amir" means he ( Full Answer )
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Has amir khan got a girlfriend?

Amir Khan has a wife. They were married on May 31st 2013, and thetwo of them also have a daughter together, who was born on May24th, 2014.
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Is amir Khan single?

No aamir khan is not single. He is in a relationship with Kiran Rao. Infact he is married to kiran rao and is very happy at the moment. He loves her very much.
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Is amir khan dating anyone?

He is dating a blonde model who is soon to convert to Islam as his parents are not happy.
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What is an amir?

In Arabic, an Amir is a prince or ruler of an Islamic nation. InHebrew, the word "amir" means treetop if spelled with an alef(אמיר), and sheaf if spelled with an a ( Full Answer )
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Is amir khan engaged or married?

Aamir Khan married Reena Dutta when he was shooting QSQT. They had 2 children. His parents were against the marriage bcs of religion difference. He later had a breif affair wi ( Full Answer )
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Why does Amir resent Hassan?

\nthe betrayal he did to hassan tore him up inside and he was not capable of even talking to hassan anymore after the rape. also, the social status that baba put ali in was un ( Full Answer )
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What is height of amir khan?

Height of amir khan is 1.68 mtr.amir khan is one of the best actor of bollywood.amir khan latest movie is pk.
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Is amir khan a shia Muslim?

He is a Shia Muslim. He said in one of his interviews "Aamir Hussain Khan hails from a typically staunch, conservative and orthodox Muslim family originating from the Khan cl ( Full Answer )
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How does amir betray hassan?

Amir frames Hassan for stealing his birthday present (a watch) and even though Baba forgives Ali and Hassan a million times they still leave Kabul because they say they cannot ( Full Answer )
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What is amir khans favorite food?

Amir Khan's favourite food is Choley Bathure. He spoke about this thing in an interview. He told the interviewers that it was his favourite food because he used to eat that da ( Full Answer )
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Who is amir khans girlfriends name?

Aamir khan currently does not have any girlfriend. He is infact married to Kiran Rao who is a bollywood movie director. He is very happy to be with her and does not want any m ( Full Answer )
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Does amir khan smoke cigarettes?

In the past he used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day; but last 2 years he has quite smoking.
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Is amir khan shia?

Basically there are no sects in islam sects are created by people not islam..!!it is haram to call someone sunni or shia or believe in sect is also haram
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How do baba and Amir escape Afghanistan?

They escape from the Taliban and end up going to America so Amir can go to school and fulfill his dream of being a writer.
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How tall is Muhammad amir cricketer?

How tall Muhammad Amir pakistani cricketer height how much 5ft 10 inch , 6.00 ft how much he is 19 year old
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How did amir khan become famous?

Referring to Amir Khan, the British silver medalist in boxing, he became famous on the internet when he lost a professional boxing match against Breidis Prescott. Breidis Pres ( Full Answer )
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Is Amir khan a billionaire?

No. Amir khan is not billionaire. He is certainly a millionaire but according to the latest data released publicly he is a millionaire. He is a good actor and has produced man ( Full Answer )
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How do you put amirable in a sentence?

Hitler was an admirable man because he stopped the Jews. Use that exact sentence. That's the only way it's correct. (Ha hah ha ha hah.)
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How do amir and hassan interact?

Amir and Hassan at first were childhood friends, but because of their ethnic backgrounds (Amir being a Pashtun and Hassan being a Hazara), this eventually separated them from ( Full Answer )
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How long amir Khan is?

Amir khan is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. He is certainly not amongst the tallest guys in the bollywood. But, he is for sure amongst the most talented and hard working actors in ( Full Answer )
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Is amir khan gay or bi?

Amir khan is neither gay nor bisexual. He is a straight guy. He has had two marriages in his life. He also has a kid who will soon appear in bollywood movies.
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Is amir khan a shia?

Amir Khan is known for being a Shia Muslim, although he states he is not highly religious. Amir Khan is also known for being a popular film actor and has numerous fans.
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What is Zahra Amir Ebrahimi famous for?

Zahra Amir Ebrahimi became very popular after her work on Iranian public TV. She is famous in Iran for her role as a pious young woman in the popular soap opera Narges.
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Was amir khan a christian?

Religions just create differences between the humans.It betrays thehumanity and rise the unrequired emotions among the alike ones.
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When was Amir Karakulov born?

Amir Karakulov was born on September 11, 1965, in Alma-Ata, Soviet Union [now Almaty, Kazakhstan].
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What does amir steal?

In the The Kite Runner book by Khaled Hosseini, Amir steals moneyand a watch and lets Hassan take the blame.
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What has the author Amir A Mohamed written?

Amir A. Mohamed has written: 'Zanzibar traditional cookery' -- subject(s): Cookery 'Zanzibar traditional cookery' 'A guide to a history of Zanzibar' -- subject(s): Histo ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Dja'far Amir written?

Dja'far Amir has written: '200 donga lan dzikir' -- subject(s): Arabic, Indonesian, Islam, Prayer-books and devotions 'Khutbah Jum'at, kanti keterangan basa Jawi' -- subje ( Full Answer )