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What rhymes with amoy?

Hhhahah this is easy.. ANNOY! alloy, ahoy, boy, buoy, cloy, coy, destroy, employ, enjoy, Hanoi, hoi polloi, hoy, Illinois, joy, koi, oi, ploy, poi, Roy, savoy, soy, toy,. ( Full Answer )
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Paano natatanggal ng calamansi ang mabahong amoy?

calamansi can help remove the unwanted odor through the enzymes that are in the calamansi it triggers the bacteria causing odor until it dissapears..that's all!!
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What is mon amoi?

It doesn't have a meaning. Perhaps you meant Mon ami, which means my friend No, "mon auto a moi". It's a way to stress "my" (= "my car, mine"), "Mon ami a moi" etc.
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Paano mawala ang amoy sa paa?

may nagsabi lang sakin. ibabad raw sa maligamgam na 2big n may asin ng mga 3-5 mins.