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How do angiosperms reproduce?

Angiosperms reproduce by producing flowers (male and female sex cells) and after pollination, seeds - this is called sexual reproduction. Some species of Angiosperms can also ( Full Answer )
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What is an angiosperm?

It is a plant that has flowers and produces seeds enclosed within acarpel. The angiosperms are a large group and include herbaceousplants, shrubs, grasses, and most trees. An ( Full Answer )
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Is parsley an angiosperm?

Yes indeed. Parsley is a flowering plant, or angiosperm. It's actually a biennial and the flowers appear in the early summer of its second year. Because most people treat it a ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses of angiosperm?

An angiosperm is a type of plant that produces seeds. The main useof these are far as humans are concerned is to use them for food.All fruit trees, bushes, and vines are angio ( Full Answer )
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Adaptations of angiosperms?

Angiosperms or flowering plants have adaptations that includehaving special cells that help get nutrients all throughout theplant, as well as the ability to reproduce using po ( Full Answer )
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What are the examples of angiosperms?

Some examples of angiosperms are grass, corn, wheat, and rice.Other examples include beans, rose bush, and a carrot plant.
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Where do angiosperms grow?

-Angiosperms plants grow in good soil. - Gymnosperms plants grow in good soli also. -Mosses grow in moist area like dump area.
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What is the function of angiosperms?

The term "angiosperm" derives from two Greek words: angeion, meaning "vessel," and sperma, meaning "seed." The angiosperms are those plants whose seeds develop within a su ( Full Answer )
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Where do angiosperms live?

· Angiosperms live in all terrestrial and aquatic habitats on earth. Except for conifer forests and moss-lichen tundras, angiosperms dominate all the major terrestrial zon ( Full Answer )
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How does angiosperm reproduce?

The angiosperm produces by spreading their seeds out the implanted in the ground and grow. This is why bees aid in growing new flowers. As the bees pollinate the flowers, seed ( Full Answer )
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Are grasses angiosperms?

Yes,. Grasses have many little flowers bunched together, and having flowers is the major distinguishing characteristic of angiosperms. They are monocots.. http://en.wikipedi ( Full Answer )
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What are the characteristics of an angiosperm?

The word Angio in Greek means covered and sperm means seeds. . ovules are enclosed within other tissues at the time of pollination . seeds develop inside the flower . ( Full Answer )
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Are roses an angiosperm?

Yes, they are flowering plants. Botany goes down easy- all known developed plants are either angiosperms- Flowering, like Roses , or Gymnosperms- such at the familiar evergree ( Full Answer )
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Is a sunflower an angiosperm?

Short answer: the sunflower IS an angiosperm (flowering plant). Here is the taxomomy (classification) of a sunflower: . Kingdom: Plantae -it is a plant . Subkingdom: Tra ( Full Answer )
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Examples of angiosperms?

Plain and simple: angiosperms are flowering plants like the moreobvious tulips, daisies and daffodils to the less obvious apple andcherry blossoms. Angiosperms are divided int ( Full Answer )
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Are sunflowers angiosperms?

The flowering plants (angiosperms) are also known asAngiospermae or Magnoliophyta. There are more than 250,000 of theseseed producing plants. YES, sunflowers are included. Ch ( Full Answer )
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What is an angiosperm and a gymnosperm?

The difference between an Angiosperm and a Gymnosperm is that Angiosperms are flowering plants while Gymnosperms are not. A. include plants that use flowers to reproduce. More ( Full Answer )
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Are vegetables angiosperms?

Yes! Angiosperm means when the seeds are within the plant itself, like a carrot. But if it contains the seeds outside itself or naked like the pine tree they are gymnosperms. ( Full Answer )
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Where are angiosperms found?

angiosperms are flowering plants and there are about 26000 living species, they are found in nearly every environment, they are used to produce many products such as medicine. ( Full Answer )
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Do angiosperms have 'tracheids'?

yes. xylem tracheid occur in all plants included lower plant, gymnosperms and angiosperms. angiosperms had evolved to have another kind of xylem, that is xylem vessel, which i ( Full Answer )
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Angiosperm are located in?

Angiosperms are flowering plants. world wide there are over 250,000 variety's so they can be located just about anywhere where therm is sun and soil.
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Is lichen an angiosperm?

A lichen is not an angiosperm because it is not flowering plant. Itis a symbiotic relationship between fungi, algae or cyanobacteria.
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What are facts about angiosperms?

There are many different facts that you can learn aboutangiosperms. This information can be found in the local library.
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What fruits are angiosperms?

There are 2 types of angiosperms, Monocot & Dicot. Cotton trees are angiosperms, lemon are, tomatoes, almost any fruit with a hard outer shell! :)
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What is a gymnosperm and angiosperms?

a woody vascular plant in which the ovules are carried naked on the scales of a cone, e.g. a conifer, cycad, or ginkgo is called gymnosperm.. a plant in which the sex organs ( Full Answer )
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What is the example of angiosperms?

Among the higher plants, are the Gymnosperms (naked seed), and the Angiosperms. Any flowering plant, such as a rose, apple, lily are angiosperms. In general, they produce se ( Full Answer )
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How do angiosperms grow?

Photosynthesis: The process by which a plant intakes sunlight, water from the roots (H2O), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and turns it into glucose( the energy which plants live off ( Full Answer )
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Is the carnation an angiosperm?

An angiosperm is a plant that produces flowers, fruits and seeds.There are 250,000 speicies that are angiosperms, including mostherbs, shrubs, some trees, fruits, vegetables a ( Full Answer )
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How do angiosperms develop?

Life cycle of an angiosperm: 1. Sporophyte (2n) creates spores 2. spores (1n) create gametophytes (1n) (male-pollen grain, female-ovule) 3. the gametophytes create gametes wi ( Full Answer )
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How diverse are Angiosperms?

Angiosperms are very divers with over 250,000 species estimated. I'm 13 and I know this.
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Is a juniper an angiosperm?

an angiosperm is a plant that flowers or gives fruit if a juniper flowers or gives fruit then it is
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What does a angiosperms do in a plant?

it doesnt really do anything in the plant, its a group that you can classify a plant in.
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Is chilly an angiosperm?

the plant a chilly grows off is an angiosperm as it produces little white flowers. The actual chilly itself is the fruit from the plant which is essentially created to dispers ( Full Answer )