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What is the atomic number for Anisole?

Anisole is a compound, not an element and so it does not have an atomic number. It is composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen which have the atomic numbers 6,1, and 8 respect ( Full Answer )
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Why does the friedel crafts acylation of anisole favor the para-methoxyacetophenone?

Anisole has a methoxyl group that participates in activating the benzene ring during acylation. When the benzene ring breaks its bond in order to attach an acetone functional ( Full Answer )
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How do you separate fluorenone and anisole?

Since they have different boiling points ( that differ by more than 50 degrees C) you can use fractional distillation ( or simple distillation) where you boil one compound out ( Full Answer )
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Anisole does not form peroxide easily why?

Oygen atom is strongly bonded to the benzene ring. so, anisole can not easily form peroxides. But diethyl ethers easily form peroxides in air.
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What is an anisole?

An anisole (or anisol) is an aromatic ether, also known as methoxybenzene, used in perfumery and organic synthesis.