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What is Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the appendix. Appendicitis is typically a surgical emergency, requiring a surgeon to remove the appendix before it ( Full Answer )
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What are signs of appendicitis?

At first the signs can be an all over abdominal pain (most common), loss of appetite, and sometimes nausea and/or vomiting. But as it becomes more and more inflamed the pain b ( Full Answer )
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Symptoms of appendicitis?

Classic symptoms are: Moderate to severe pain usually starting first around the navel, moving later to right "iliac fossa" which is the part of your stomach next to your right ( Full Answer )
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Why do people get appendicitis?

I had appendicitis and my doctor said that I had it because of the lack of fiber in my body. So if you had appendicitis then you didn't take enough fiber as well. It also has ( Full Answer )
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What is the cause of appendicitis?

its function is not generally known and the cause of diseases of appendicitis is not clearly defined. But it has been mentioned that inflammation of the appendix (appendicitis ( Full Answer )
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Symptons of appendicitis?

Severe abdomen pain, Nausea, vomiting.Sometime pain it is located in the right because here it is located the appendice.
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How do I know if I have appendicitis?

Believe me, you would know. You would feel a dull ache feeling near your belly button that would eventually shift over to your right lower abdomen.The pain would worsen. The p ( Full Answer )
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How do you know you have appendicitis?

Appendicitis is basically a disease of your appendix, a small organ off of your intestines. If you think you have appendicitis, press quickly down on the area that hurts, then ( Full Answer )
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What are the signs of appendicitis?

Firstly you will get pain in the middle of your stomach like near your bellybutton, sometime vomiting follows afterward, then the pain will soon follow to the right had side o ( Full Answer )
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How do you get appendicitis?

On the basis of experimental evidence, acute appendicitis seems to be the end result of a primary obstruction of the appendix lumen . Once this obstruction occurs the app ( Full Answer )
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Symptoms for appendicitis?

TEMPERATURE, I had about 103 average, highest is 105 for me. A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT OF VOMITING, Bring your biggest trashcan if you have one. (I threw up 13 times in ( Full Answer )
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Causes of appendicitis?

An appendicitis is caused by infection in the appendix. If it gets serious it could rupture and cause major medical problems.
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Is appendicitis hereditary?

It can be. An individual with appendicitis may not mean much. But some families do have a history.
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How do you diagnose appendicitis?

Answer . If in doubt seek medical attention.. Appendicitis has a common test you can do yourself--Rebound Pain--Push on the area and then quickly release the pressure. If ( Full Answer )
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Can appendicitis kill you?

Yes it can.. The appendix is a small vestigial single ended pouch which is attached to the intestine. Modern humans don't need this pouch and normally if it causes any issues ( Full Answer )
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Can dogs get appendicitis?

Yes, dogs can get appendicitis. This occurs when a dog eats too much salty or greasy foods such as human food scraps.
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How do you fake appendicitis?

Put on wet socks and get a fever make a batch of fake vomit and always say you have a sharp acute pain in the right side of your stomach. Put on wet socks and get a fever mak ( Full Answer )
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Can appendicitis be prevented?

Hi, can anyone tell me if we can eat everything after the apendix removal.. its urgent.. please reply soon. Thanks..
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How do you know it you have an appendicitis?

Fever, chills, nausea? Bend your right knee into your chest if you feel pain in your lower right side get to the ER. Either way, have it looked at.
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What is the function of appendicitis?

Conventional medicine has long thought the appendicitis to be of no function what-so-ever, but recent discoveries have found that the appendicitis regulates hormone and energy ( Full Answer )
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Can appendicitis be dangerous?

A timely diagnosis of appendicitis is important, because a delay can result in perforation, or rupture, of the appendix.
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Why people get appendicitis?

The appendix is a sack that hangs off of the cecum - part of the large intestine. Appendicitis literally means swelling of the appendix. There are many causes, although obstru ( Full Answer )
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Does kaito have an append?

Yes, although it is not for sale yet and no demo has been released. The Appends are, from what I have found out, "Soft", "Mellow", "Serious", and "Solid".
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Who gets appendicitis?

More males than females develop appendicitis. It is rare in the elderly and in children under the age of two.
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What is append mode?

To append means to tack something onto the end of something else. In computing, this term generally means to append additional data to the content of an existing file while m ( Full Answer )
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What is appendicitis and how is it caused?

Appendicitis is the Inflammation of the appendix and is caused by a blockage covering the only opening of the appendix.
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How do you figure out if you have appendicitis?

The pain during appendicitis usually starts in and around your belly button. The pain is initially minor but then begins to become much worse. Slowly the pain begins to move t ( Full Answer )
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Is acute Appendicitis the same as Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is inflammation of the appendix. The term Acute or Chronic refers to the amount of time the condition has been occurring. Acute conditions last for less then 6 mo ( Full Answer )
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Can you get appendicitis at 52?

It is possible to get appendicitis at any age because the appendix can become infected at any age.
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What symptoms do you get with appendicitis?

My daughter had appendicitis. First she had severe abdominal pain, then vomiting. The symptoms seemed to go away. Then a day or so later, she had abdominal cramps and a fever. ( Full Answer )
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When do you know when you have Appendicitis?

You usually know that you have one if you have gut wrenching cramps in your right side right above your hip bone.
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What are the outcomes of appendicitis?

With prompt operation the outcome is very good. The outcome is disastrous when the patient is not managed correctly. Like given injections of morphine to relieve the pain.
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What are signs for appendicitis?

In early stage you get rebound tenderness in right iliac region.Localized rigidity in the right iliac region is 'the' sign of acuteappendicitis.
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How do i get appendicitis on purpose?

You can't. Even if you could, it would be every bit as silly as trying for a compound fracture on purpose.
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Where is appendicitis located?

An appendicitis is an infection of the small worm shaped organattached to the intestines called the appendix .