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Who is Samus Aran?

Samus Aran is the main character in Nintendo's Metroid series of video games. She is a freelance space bounty hunter who sometimes accepts missions from the Galactic Federatio ( Full Answer )
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How old is Samus Aran?

samus aran is around her 30s.I did research and it said she was 32 years old.
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Where does samus aran live?

Samus Aran is the protagonist in the Metroid series of video games.She doesn't really live in any specific location.
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Can you view the aran islands from ireland's mainland?

Yes you can! From the lovely village of Doolin in Co. Clare, you can view all 3 Islands from the mainland. You can also take a Ferry to the Aran Islands direct from Doolin Pie ( Full Answer )
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Does a frog live in the river aran?

a frog lives in the river because it needs to eat flies and lots of flies live near the river because its smelly and flies like smelly stuff so a frog lives in the river so it ( Full Answer )
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When are the summer months in the Aran islands?

They are in the Northern hemisphere, so depending on the interpretation of summer, it can be the months from May through to August, as some say May, June and July while others ( Full Answer )
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Is Samus Aran Lesbian?

She absolutely is.well i actually that is what people say and she has no love i do not think she is one.but i am not that sure.i think she should not be a lesbian ( Full Answer )
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What is Aran in Maplestory?

aran is a warrior that is quick and fast and if u need help on being a aran come to thnx :)
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Will Arans be the best job in Maplestory?

If you have tried an Aran, you will know that arans have a very low damage rate at the beggining. But once you get to 2nd job and level 45, you learn a skill called Combo Smas ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a aran in Maplestory?

To make an Aran, just start the game, log in, and click on the sign that says "New Character." Then select "Aran." You will need an empty character slot to do so.
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How do you level an Aran really fast on Maplestory?

Grind on monsters around your level and do quests For me i just use body pressure (when a monster touch u they lose hp) in jesters when i get lazy to train lol and i just ( Full Answer )
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Is aran the best Maplestory job?

yes aran is the best character they can level 3x faster and get more hp Actually Aran has less hp but are stronger than the usual warrior they can use "Hp Drain" which usuall ( Full Answer )
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How do you find aran?

you don't you click make character and it says do you want to make a aran explorer or cygnus night
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How should you train an aran?

well if your a starter than you will start at erve when your finished youll be a warrior so you train at perion Sup, I'm gonna improve the answer. You don't start at Erev ( Full Answer )
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Where do you go to be aran?

Actually, you don't GO to create a character, you need to create an aran from the CREATE section in the character selection page.
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What is the difference between ironman and Samus Aran?

samas aran is girl and ironman is, well a man, their powers are far different because ironman is superpowered and samas aran has very weak powers in comparison.
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Who is Neilus Aran in World of Warcraft?

Niles Aran is the father of Medivh, currently the last Guardian of Tirisfal. While his whole story is not clear, it is known he was a mage of the Kirin Tor, and eventually die ( Full Answer )
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Where could you purchase a Plush Samus Aran?

You usually need to make them yourself. There are a few arts andcrafts websites that may have what you are looking for. . You can try looking on eBay, or even better is Etsy. ( Full Answer )
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Is aran bains Indian?

First of all yes because it is Aran it should be *Aaron. He look Pakistani and he was getting happy about India beating Pakistan simultaneously i was confused. SO YE HES I ( Full Answer )
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Who governs the Aran Islands?

The Aran Islands are part of Ireland, so they are governed by the Irish government.
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Who was the first level 200 Aran in MapleStory?

It was actually a guy whose IGN was Tiger, during that time he got in a argument with his girlfriend on GMS and they broke up and he smeared that she was a b**ch and a wh**e s ( Full Answer )
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What is Aran knitting?

Aran knitting is a classing style of knitting using lots of cables and embellishments. Aran knitting originated in the Aran islands off the coast of Ireland. It is character ( Full Answer )
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How many people live on the Aran Islands?

About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 peop ( Full Answer )
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Who created the character Samus Aran?

The Metroid character Samus Aran was created by Makoto Kano and designed by Hiroji Kiyotake. The character was introduced in 196 version of the Nintendo video game series.
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When was Chris Aran born?

Chris Aran was born on July 28, 1980, in New York City, New York, USA.
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What has the author Aran Suwanbubpa written?

Aran Suwanbubpa. has written: 'Hill tribe development and welfare programmes in Northern Thailand' -- subject(s): Ethnology, Hmong (Asian people), Social conditions, Social ( Full Answer )