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1993 dodge shadow es 3.0 engine there are three relays on the shock mount you need information on the one marked hi-ram it is wired as a asd relay but dodge can not find any information on what the pa?

Ok...I have an 89 Shadow and the relay for it is located in the cluster between the battery and the strut tower on the drivers side. On the strut tower, you should see 2 silve (MORE)
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2000 stratus blowing 20 amp fuse for pcm asd. still cranks tho?

Fuses That "Blow" Repeatedly Without being able to "hands on" troubleshoot the circuit served by the repeatedly blowing fuse, no one can identify the specific cause/defe (MORE)
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Where asds at Cornwall?

See the related link to the ASDA web-site. Simply enter your postcode in the space provided, and it'll show you the nearest stores to your location.