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What ASICS shoe replaced the Evolution?

The Gel-Evolution 4 is the next Generation of the Evolution. It will be in stores 6/1/08. Suggested retail is $110. It is available in D, EE & EEEE widths.
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What is static timing analysis in VLSI- ASIC?

Depending on the design methodologies used, three types of timing analysis methods are commonly used:. 1. Manual analysis. 2. Static timing analysis. 3. Dynamic timing anal ( Full Answer )
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What is the asic flow?

ASIC (Full Chip/Sub-chip)/SOC \n. \n . Specification\n . Architecture\n . IP implementation/Reuse and Rtl Coding\n . Simulation\n . Synthesis\n . STA\n . Floorplanning ( Full Answer )
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Advantages of fpga over dsp and asic?

FPGA have less density. Moreover , it is gaining more market share due to it's reasonable NRE (Non Recurrent Engineering) cost and fast time to implement and manufacture in t ( Full Answer )
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What is the mission statement of Asics?

Our mission is to become the number one brand for the sports enthusiast. To accomplish this, we pledge to continue to make the best product; striving to build upon our technol ( Full Answer )
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What does ASIC stand for?

Application Specific Integrated Circuits.They Are used to serve a specific purpose for example the motherboard of your computer
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What are ASIC?

ASIC is an Application Specific Integrated Circuit.. In other words, an IC that was designed and nade just to do one specific job.
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What does asics stand for?

ASICS - The name of the Japan company "ASICS", which is an acronym of the Latin phrase "anima sana in corpore sano" which translates to "a healthy soul in a healthy body" or ( Full Answer )
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IS ASIC field programmable?

AISC stands for application specific integrated circuit. it's function is determined during it's design and manufacture, it is not programmed.
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How good asics shoes?

They are among the best, and when price is factored in, definitely in the top 3
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What is the difference between soc and asic?

Soc is nothing but integration of all blocks that r defined for particular functionality i.e,the blocks may be anlog blocks,digital blocks and these blocks are internally conn ( Full Answer )
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Who made asiCS?

ASICS is a Japanese company that specializes in athletic equipment.It was originally called the Panmure Co., Ltd when it began onSeptember 1, 1949.
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How is ASIC related to FPGA?

1. Both ASIC and FPGA are IC's 2. However ASIC Application Specific IC the functionality is Fixed. 3. In SAME FPGA Field Programmable Gate Arrays various different types of A ( Full Answer )
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Do asics shoes run small?

I am usually an 8.5 in athletic shoes and my asics i just order seem way too big. I ordered an 8 but have not gotten them yet to try.
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Can you wash asic gel shoes with netting?

Probably. As always, there is no guarantee that they will turn out fine, but they should be good if you put them in the washer in a pillow case or washer bag, on the gentle cy ( Full Answer )
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Who is the guy on the new asics commercial?

No one cares because this is the single stupidest and worst ad evermade. His career should be over simply for agreeing to participatein the commercial, and his littleimpatient ( Full Answer )
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What are the classifications of ASICs?

There are four basic classes of ASICs; each class has a different degree of customization of the chip. Full-custom, standard, semi-custom, and programmable logic devices.
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What is a programmable logic ASIC?

Programmable logic ASICs is a classification of ASICs are programmed by blowing fuses in a device to alter the logic function.
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What is a semi-custom ASIC?

Semi-custom ASICs is a classification of ASICs that are are customized in only one or two areas.
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What is a standard cell ASIC?

Standard cell ASICs is a classification of ASICs that are designed by combining modular cells from a cell library.
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What does asics mean in latin?

the initials stand for anima sana in corpore sano which means "a healthy mind in a healthy body"
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What is the difference between ASIC and APRA?

ASIC was given the power to regulate market integrity and consumerprotection with the objectives of promoting market fairness and consumer confidence,while APRA was given the ( Full Answer )
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Do Asics tennis shoes have good cushioning?

Yes they do. ASICS tennis shoes use something called GEL cushioning. Depending on what kind of shoe you buy, you can get cushioning in the heel, forefoot or both.
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How much are average Asics Kayano?

The price of a new pair of Asics Kayano's is between $35 and $340. Most Kayano models are however between $90 and $160. One of the most expensive Kayano's are the Asics Gel Ka ( Full Answer )
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Where can one buy Asics Tiger shoes?

One can buy Asics Tiger shoes at dedicated footware stores nationwide. The shoes can also be found in department store concession stalls as well as on the Asics website.
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Where is it possible to purchase Asics Running Gear?

ASICS is a Japanese athletic equipment company. Their products can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. ASICS running gear is also available on Amazon for purchase.
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Which ASICS shoes feature gel in the sole?

There are several ASICS shoes that have gel in the underfoot of shoes. In fact, ASICS has entire lines of shoes called ASICS Gel-Equation, Gel-Foundation, Gel-Kayano, Gel-Nimb ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find Asics trainers?

Asics trainer sneakers come in a variety of colors and styles and can be purchased at sneaker and athletic stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods, FootLocker, Modells and more.
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What are the different designs of Asic?

ASIC is an acronym for "application-specific integrated circuit". ASIC designs include the standard-cell design, the gate-array design, the full custom design, and the structu ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase Asics shoes?

ASICS shoes can be bought from many retailers online or in-store. These retailers include Sears, JcPenney, Dicks Sporting Goods, Eastbay, REI, Sports Authority, and Dillard's. ( Full Answer )