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What is the meaning of 'asi asi'?

Asi asi is a mistaken translation from English to Spanish that Spanish students often use. Asi means "that way" or "like that". In some context it may be similar to the word " ( Full Answer )
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What does the Spanish phrase asi asi mean in English?

Answer . "Asi, asi" does not, as many believe, mean "so, so". "Asi" usually means "That way" or "Like that", as in "No me mires asi." ("Don't look at me like that.") "Asi" ( Full Answer )
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What does asi mean?

well it depends the a si with a space between the a and the si.. in the other way it means age and form.. sentence:lots of people on habbo say asi.psthat is ture and make a ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of asi?

It is Spanish for 'like that' or 'in that manner', as in 'Asi es mi vida' or 'My life is like that".
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San Francisco de asis?

The name of my mission is Mission San Francisco. It 's in San Francisco. It was founded June 26, 1776. It was founded by Father Francisco Palou. More than 5,000 Native America ( Full Answer )
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Who is ASYS?

A*S*Y*S aka Frank Ellrich has been a frequent player on the global scene\nsince 2000. His revolutionary studio productions, ranging from dark \nacid odysseys to driving hard f ( Full Answer )
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What is ASI Digital video?

DVB-ASI - Digital Video Broadcast- Asynchronous Serial Interface DVB-ASI is a serial video communications standard defined by the DVB consortium for use in transporting MPEG ( Full Answer )
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What is asi in Spanish?

The meaning of the Spanish word Asi depends on the context. Asi es = That's the way it is / This is the way it is. Asi son las cosas = That is the way things are. Se hac ( Full Answer )
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What is ASI transport stream?

Asynchronous Serial Interface , or ASI, is streaming data format which often carries an MPEG Transport Stream . . An ASI signal can carry one or multiple SD, HD or audio prog ( Full Answer )
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How do you join NWFP police as a ASI?

i want to join police because now pakistan need honest people n i m honest about own country nd its my passion 2 join police thats y and another z that i want to b finish crim ( Full Answer )
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Asi Cherokee homes were made out of?

The cherokee indians made their winter homes out of thick mud andsomething else i do not know of
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How do you reset your asi 840 sunroof?

You need to put the roof into vent position. After it is in the vent position push and hold the vent button again until the sunroof gives a little movement. After that happens ( Full Answer )
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What does moi asi asi mean?

Nothing :) It's a mixture of Spanish and French. Did you mean "moi asi?" That means "me too" in French. "asi asi" is Spanish for "so-so." "moi" is French for "me."
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Co za asy?

They don't. Don't even try putting a magnet NEAR a computer. If you do, the area where you DID put it on, your computer will be spoilt because all the metal parts inside will ( Full Answer )
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What does estoy asi asi mean in Spanish?

It is used to indicate that "I am so-so, or neither good or bad", neutral condition. You could say also, "estoy regular".
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What does como asi means?

It means "like this"...como is like or as (unless it has an accent, in which case it's "how"). Así (which has an accent on the i) means thus or so. If you're hearing this, ( Full Answer )
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What is ASi module?

Automatic Switch Interface (ASI) The CAIRS OSS ASI module is a multiple switching platform provisioning tool that increases the power and accuracy of the CAIRS system substa ( Full Answer )
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Do you have asi insurance?

I do not. From browsing the website, I don't think I would switch to it, either. I currently use Geico and I'm quite happy with it. If you're searching for an insurance provid ( Full Answer )
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What types of insurance does ASI offer?

"Auto safety insurance. They offer car insurance. To look for the best deals, refer to amazon or walmart would be the best bet. Make sure to check for user reviews though!"
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What does asi es amar mean?

Translation: This is what loving is like. -OR- This is what being in love is like.
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How do you say estoy asi asi in English?

You start by not saying "Estoy asi, asi" in the first place. It means "I'm that way, that way". It's a mistake made by Spanish students. Assuming you want to say "I'm so-so." ( Full Answer )
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What does soy asi asi mean?

"Soy" means "I am" referring not to how you are doing but to what you are like. "Soy asi" means "I am that way". So "Soy asi, asi" means "I am that way, that way" or "I am lik ( Full Answer )
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What do the letters asi stand for?

ASI is an acronym for Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, American Statistics Index, Advanced Solutions International, and Australasian Society for Immunology.
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What does the acronym ASY stand for?

ASY can stand for many things, such as Academic School Year, American School Year, Assembly Instructions, and America Supports You. To know the exact meaning, the context must ( Full Answer )
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How old is Hussain Asi from dhoombros?

Hussain Asif from Dhoombros is 19 years old. His birthday is on October, 19 1993. He and his brother started Dhoombros 4-5 years ago. He is an actor, dancer and a DJ.
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When did Asie Payton die?

Asie Payton died on May 19, 1997, in Holly Ridge, Mississippi, USA of heart attack.
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What has the author Asi Khanpuri written?

Asi Khanpuri has written: 'Chalo abb chohr do ranjash' -- subject(s): Urdu poetry 'Musam khazan jaisa' -- subject(s): Urdu poetry
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What has the author Emmanuel Asi written?

Emmanuel Asi has written: 'The human face of God at Nazareth' -- subject(s): Humanity, Person and offices