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What is the difference between an astringent and facial toner?

\nThey both are the same thing..They do the same job and used in same cleansers.\n. \nthe only difference is Astringent contains alcohol whereas toners don't,if y (MORE)
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Is sea breeze astringent really good for your hair?

Sea Breeze is excellent for both your skin and hair. Stops itch, deep cleans, and removes dandruff. I've been using the product for over 20 years. I even use Sea Breeze on my (MORE)
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What is astringent used for?

Answer . Astringent medicines are used to shrink the mucous membranes or exposed tissues and are often used internally to check discharge of blood serum or mucous secretio (MORE)
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What is the best astringent to avoid pimples a good face cleaner?

Many people will answer the first part of your question by screaming "witch hazel" at the top of their lungs. Don't let the hype fool you--witch hazel is a common ingredient i (MORE)
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What does astringents do for your skin?

Astringents are said to be useful for your skin in terms of toningit down. However, it is important to note that this will have sideeffects like irritation and a dry skin.
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Plant used as an astringent?

If the question comes from 15 across in the LA Times crossword puzzle, the answer is. Alumroot.
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What is the difference between astringent and stringent?

Astringent is a more intense form of stringent. While astringent means so severe that it "hurts" stringent simply means severe, without the "hurts" part. As well, astringent h (MORE)
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What is th ph of astringent?

The astringency of a substance is not directly related to pH. Tannins and salicylic acid are both astringents, but the pKa values of these compounds are different. The pH woul (MORE)
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What are antihemorrhoid products known as astringents?

Astringents (drying agents), such as witch hazel, calamine, and zinc oxide. These help shrink hemorrhoids by pulling water out of the swollen tissue. This, in turn, helps reli (MORE)
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What are some astringent foods?

All legumes, including peanuts, beans, peas and lentils, have astringent qualities. So do many raw vegetables and fruits, especially those with bitter tastes. Examples include (MORE)
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Is asinine the opposite of the word astringent?

No. Asinine means ridiculous, foolish or stupid. Astringent as an adjective means tart, styptic, or caustic. Someone's remarks could conceivably be both astringent and asinine (MORE)