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What is in the nucleus of an atom?

Answer . The nucleus of an atom contains protons and neutrons . Hydrogen-1 is the lone exception. It has a single proton in its nucleus. Protons and neutrons, when they (MORE)
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Do atoms have a nucleus?

Yes, all atoms have a nucleus! The Nucleus is the part of the atom which holds the Protons and Neutrons, the Electrons orbit the "atomic nucleus". The atomic nucleus is dif (MORE)

What is the atomic nucleus?

The atomic nucleus of a chemical element is the central and heavy part of the atom; this nucleus contain protons and neutrons. And protopns&neutrons contain smaller particle (MORE)

In an atom what is a nucleus?

The Nucleus is the small, dense center of an atom where nearly all of the mass is contained. The nucleus is made up of positively charge protons (the number of which determine (MORE)
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Nucleus of a atom?

The nucleus of an atom is an atom's dense, positively-charged, spherical center, made up of protons (positively charged atomic particles) and neutrons (neutrally charged atomi (MORE)
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What does the nucleus do for an atom?

The nucleus of an atom is the central part of an atom containing practically all the mass of the atom. The nucleus is composed from protons and neutrons.