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What is attenuation?

Attenuation is the reduction in intensity of a number of different things. It is the opposite of amplification. In physics or electronics the change is usually referred to us (MORE)
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What are attenuators?

Answer . attenuator (disambiguation) An attenuator has three distinct meanings: * attenuator (electronics) is an electronic device that reduces the amplitude of a s (MORE)
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What is an attenuator?

Annenuator is a device which attenutes or reduces level of a physical parameter. e.g. an optical attenuator is used to reduce level of an optical signal in an optical fiber or (MORE)
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What is attenuation network?

Attenuation is a measure of how much loss a signal experiences when it travels down a communication medium( loss as heat, absorbed by communication medium).It is mesured in de (MORE)
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What is The attenuation rule?

It basically states that if a officer gathers evidence in an illegal way or taints the evidence in some way that taint will wear off eventually. It doesn't really state how lo (MORE)
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What is attenuation mean?

A reduction in the strength of a signal, the flow of current, flux, or other energy in an electronic system.
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What is variable attenuator?

Device designed to introduce attenuation into a waveguide circuitby moving a lossy vane either sideways across the waveguide or intothe waveguide through a longitudinal slot.
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What is Attenuate?

it is the bahug otot that comes out in you fengle
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What is the meaning of attenuated?

at⋅ten⋅u⋅ate . 1. to weaken or reduce in force, intensity, effect, quantity, or value: to attenuate desire. 2. to make thin; make slender or fine. 3. Bacte (MORE)
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How Attenuation measured?

RMS Output divided by input, usually expressed in deciBells. Depends on whether it is power or voltage being attenuated.. Voltage, it's 20log(Vout/Vin). Power, it's 10log(Po (MORE)
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What is an attenuation pond?

An attenuation pond is a pond which is designed to slow the passage of water from surface run-off to the ground/drainage system e.g. stormwater sewers. It does this by storing (MORE)
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What is attenuation who can be use?

A reduction in voltage, using some form of impedance. A volume control on a radio can legitimately be called an attenuator
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What are the functions of attenuator?

An attenuator decreases (attenuates) the level of the incident signal by a specified, sometimes adjustable amount. Common uses for attenuators include limiting signal strengt (MORE)
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Wireless signals experience attenuation?

A: First you must understand the wireless transmitter is not too powerful and that is done by design. The purpose is to eliminate excessive radiation to combat the possibiliti (MORE)
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What is hyper attenuation on a ct scan?

Strictly speaking, the physics of CT scanning involves attenuation of the x-ray by tissues in a manner not always exactly congruent with density differences. Hyperattenuation (MORE)
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What is a attenuated vaccination?

This is also called weakened vaccination. In this pathogenic organisms(bacteria, viruses) that are made non pathogenic and used as vaccines.
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What is attenuation in decibels?

The degeneration of a signal over a distance on a network cable iscalled attenuation. It does not have any relation with decibels.The strength of signal just gets reduced.
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How are viruses attenuated?

Viruses are attenuated by changing them a little. They can be part of a vaccine and be given and not cause the disease but cause the body to make antibodies against the non-at (MORE)
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Where can you purchase an attenuator?

Logarithmic attenuators are common on scientific calculators, but can have their own stand alone features. You can purchase an attenuator from any electrical or carry on devi (MORE)
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Attenuators are the opposite of a what?

An attenuator is the opposite of an amplifier. An attenuator is used for reducing the power of a signal. An attenuator is able to do this without modifying the waveform of t (MORE)