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What was the 844th AVN BN?

The 844th Engineer Aviation Battalion is a battalion in the US Army that specializes in building and maintaining military structures. See the related links for more details.
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Can adult stem cells help avascular necrosis of the hip I have heard that Dr. Thomas Einhorn of Boston does a surgery using adult stem cells for AVN of the hip that is very successful.?

Hi, With an emerging era of stem cell which has brought an ray of hope for patients suffering from AVN ,early diagnosis and intervention with stem cells prior to collapse ( Full Answer )
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What do the AVN awards recognize?

The AVN awards , or Adult Video News awards, recognize the adult entertainment movies and products. The awards ceremony is held at the Hardrock Hotel and Casino in Paradise, ( Full Answer )
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What does co a g12th engr avn bn mean on grandfathers discharge papers what does ar 615-360 mean agct grade iii score 99 afsc 55131?

Are you certain that it is not Co A 812th Engr Avn Bn? That would be company A, 812th Engineer Aviation Battalion. See "related Link" below for an article covering Engineer Av ( Full Answer )