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How many Super Bowl contests have the Dallas Cowboys won?

The Cowboys have played in eight Super Bowls (a record shared with the Pittsburgh Steelers) and won five times (victories in bold): . Super Bowl V (1-17-71) -- Baltimore (MORE)
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How money do game show contestants make?

a game show contestent usually enters they can win a certain amount of money like when who wants to be a millionaire was on t.v (or still is i don't watch much t.v but im pret (MORE)
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Why does the force of gravity do no work on a bowling ball rolling along a bowling alley?

Gravity most definatley works on a bowling ball as it goes down thelane. If gravity didn't affect it then the ball would go throughthe roof of the center. However the ball doe (MORE)
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A 0.8-kg ball falls 2.5m How much work does the force of gravity do on the ball?

Work done = force x distance moved in direction of line of force Assuming that the ball falls straight down (i.e. in the direction in which gravity acts): W = F d whe (MORE)
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No work is done by gravity on a bowling ball that is rolled along a bowling alley because?

By Newtonian mechanics, W = F*d Where W is the work performed, F is the force exerted, and d is the distance the object being worked upon moves. Gravity in this (MORE)
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Why does the force of gravity do no work on a bowling ball rolling down a bowling alley?

Work is definied in Physics as the Force acting on an object times the distance the object is moved by that Force, or W = fd Since Force is mass times acceleration (F=ma), (MORE)
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What force acts on the bowling ball?

Gravity and normal force (floor pushing on the ball) if its already rolling. If it's being thrown, then gravity, normal force, and the hand throwing it.