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Will tire chains for a 185 65 14 fit a 185 70 14 tire?

The difference between tire sizes is 1.29in. So if on your 185/65-14 tires you have an extra inch and a half of slack adjustment they will more than likely work with the big (MORE)
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How wide is 14 mm in inches?

25.4mm = 1 inch so 14mm = 14/25.4 = 0.55 inches . Direct Conversion Formula 14 mm . \n\n\n\n * . \n\n\n\n 1 in 25.4 mm . \n\n\n\n = . \n\n\n\n 0.551 (MORE)
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Can 185 70 R14 tires be replaced with 185 60 R14 tires?

Sure it can but this is a swap I would not recommend at all. Reason being the 60 series tire will be 6% smaller in overall diameter and this would be a horrible swap. Your spe (MORE)
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Does a larger wheel diameter and narrow side wall on tires change the comfort of the ride?

In general, the narrower (or shorter) the sidewall, the stiffer the ride. That's because the short sidewall flexes less than a longer sidewall. It's something like comparing a (MORE)
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Can I substitute a 185 65 14 tire with a 185 70 14?

The 185 70 14 wil be slightly taller So if you have two of them it will most likely be alright if you have a two wheel drive car or truck. If it's four wheel drive, all four t (MORE)
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Can you replace 185 tires with 215 wide tires?

Yes as long as you keep the overall diameter the same. For instance you would replace a 185/75-15 tire with a 215/65-15 tire which would keep your overall diameter almost the (MORE)
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Will 265-70-15 tires fit on 10 wide wheels?

Actually the cross section width, 265mm , is about 10.5". It may fit but I would check with a tire dealer. I seem to think the the width of the rim has to be a little bit smal (MORE)
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Can you increase sidewall and width of tires?

Yes, to both yet check with the vehicles recommendations/limitations. The downside of using over or undersized tires are, but not limited to: Voiding the tire warranty, damagi (MORE)
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What is the ratio of diameter and width of wheel?

It depends on what you mean by width. If you view the wheel as a disk and consider its width as the side-to-side measure, then they two are the same so the ratio is 1. If you (MORE)