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What does abby mean?

Means: Fun Sexy Hot Outgoing Fun~loving Awesome Kind
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Who is abby fegan?

Abby Fegan is best known as one of the women who started the movement for comedians, and really started doing stand up before others in the comedy field.
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What rhymes with Abby?

Crabby, flabby, shabby, and tabby are words that rhyme with abby.
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Who is abby Dalton?

Abby Dalton was an actress from Asia
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Who is Dear Abby?

Dear Abby is the newspaper advice column written by "Abigail Van Buren" whose real name is Jeanne Phillips. She is the daughter of the original Abby, Pauline Friedman Phillip (MORE)
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What Abbi means?

The name Abby means joy to a father's heart!
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What does abbi mean?

it means prostitute reformation
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Who is Abby Miller?

Abby Miller is a dance instructor on the reality series DanceMoms . There is another Abby Miller who is an actress from Clay Center,Nebraska. She is best known for playing El (MORE)
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Who is Abby Pidgeon?

Abby Pidgeon is the worlds leading authority on the subject of Robocop. She has published several papers, acknowledged by both Harvard and Genesis universities as well as reno (MORE)
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Who is abby paige?

Abby Paige is Justin Bieber's current girlfriend. He broke up w/ his old girlfriend, Caitlin Beadles
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Who is Abby Dawn?

It's the clothes brand by Avril Lavigne
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Who is Abby Viduya?

Abby Viduya is the real name of the actress Priscilla Almeda.
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What is an abby clog?

It is a shoe with no back and looks like a clog in the front. And usually most teenagers wear them. Hope that helped!
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What is Abby in Irish?

Gobnait Another answer: Abaigeal, or Abaigh (northern) Gobnait (southern)
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What language is Abby?

the name Abby can come the Hebrew language. the name Abigail means fathers joy.
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What is abby dawn?

abbey dawn is a clothing line by avril lavigne
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Who is Abby Larson?

Abby Larson is the creater of the wedding website Style Me Pretty.
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Who is abby victor?

Abby Victor is a singer and actress. Her first movie is "Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer"; her role is Natalie. Her single is "Crush on You", which became an instant hit (MORE)
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What is abby wambach's?

Abby Wambach is a professional soccer team. She is a forward on USA National Team. She is a very good soccer player!
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Who is Abby Estes?

Abby Estes appears to be a very common name in the world and returns many results online. The best way to find out more information about someone is to make sure one has enoug (MORE)
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Where can you get abby bominable?

You can pretty much buy Abbey anywhere online, but I think all dolls are hard to find in stores (or it might be just here) :) but I know Toys R Us is really good as far as pri (MORE)
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Abby the movie?

The movie Abby is a horror movie about a woman who is possessed byan African sex spirit. It came out in 1974.