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Who is mena kashmiri abdullah?

Answer . He is the king of Saudi Arabia. Since August 1st 2005 . Answer . He is the king of Saudi Arabia Since August 1st 2005 .
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What is King Abdullah Economic City?

King Abdullah Economic City is a $26.6 billion project that will create a city on the Red Sea about 100 kilometers north of Jeddah that will create 500,000 jobs for the 1.5 mi ( Full Answer )
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How did Mohammad abdullah become king?

Muhammad Abdullah became the king of Saudi Arabia in 1995. This wasafter king Fahd suffered stroke which was terminal.
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Who is Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia?

This was his title before he became King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. See the link for more information.
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Who is Imaam Haroon Abdullah?

Immaam Haroon Abdullah was a British born cleric . He is rememberedfor his sermons that he gave in South Africa.
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Where and when was imam abdullah haroon born?

Imam Abdullah Harron was born on February 8, 1924 inNewlands-Claremont. This was the Southern suburbs of Cape Town,South Africa.
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Who is Prince Saleh Abdullah Kamel?

Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel, 68, built his empire through contracts with the Saudi Arabian government. Sheikh Saleh owns a majority stake in Dallah Albaraka Group, a conglome ( Full Answer )
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Who is Abdullah Ocalan?

Founder of PKK (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan) it means Kurdistan Worker's Party. The terrorist leader. He is in prison now in Imrali/Turkey. He is a BABYKILLER!
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Who is Abdullah Said?

Abdullah Said from Egypt is an Egyptian football (soccer) player. -Or- Abdullah Said al Libi from Pakistan was an Al Qaeda operational leader who was assassinated by al ( Full Answer )
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Is Abdullah the Butcher still overweight?

i think he is but im not sure he currently owns abdullah's house of ribs and Chinese food down in atlanta . this is what i was told by fellow wrsetling fans and friends ( Full Answer )
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Who is Abdullahs father?

I assume the question is asking about the father of Abdullah (who is father of prophet Muhammad (peace upon him). He is Abdulmutteleb (grand father of the prophet)
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Who is abdullah omari?

Abdullah Monther Al-Omari is a boy born in 18 may 1998. He is from Palestine, but lives in U.A.E, Abu Dhabi. He is in grade six.
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Was king abdullah a dictator?

Yes. Absolutely. Under King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia adheres to a punitive justice system in which young teens can be sentenced to death and defendants tortured. Women are mor ( Full Answer )
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Why was Abdullah Ibrahim sent into exile?

Music is the higher media to transmit vibrations. . When you have so much to say to the world like Abdullah have in charge, his responsability was to develop the SOUND to to ( Full Answer )
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Who was Fatima binte Abdullah?

Fatima binte Abdullah was name of a young girl who died in the war of Tripoli. She died while giving water to the injured people on ground. Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a very f ( Full Answer )
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Was Abdullah dead when Muhammad was born?

Hazrat Abdullah was the most beloved son of Hazrat Abdul Mutalib.He was the father of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Hazrat Abdullah haddies a few months before the birth of Hazrat Mu ( Full Answer )
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Where is abdullah creek?

It is a creek in the nothern part of the Arabian Gulf between Bubian and Warba Islands (Kuwait) and Al Faw Peninsula (Iraq)
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Is rawaz abdullah a wasteman?

Well, that depends on the situation with the current anatomy structure of our bibalic version
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Where is paahamed abdullah house?

P.A. AHAMED ABDULLAH studying from M.I.E.T ENGINEERING COlLAGE , in trichy 8 kilo meter nearest to central bus stand i am living in CITY: MELAPALAYAM DISTRICT: THIRUNELV ( Full Answer )
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Is Saudi King Abdullah dead?

There is a rumor about it, which is probably true! If he's alive, he'll show up on tv just to show that he's alive! If he's dead, the official announcement if his death ( Full Answer )
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Is Abdullah of Saudi Arabia a pimp?

No. He rules a society that drastically limits women's rights but he does not actively promote prostitution.
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How old is Abdullah Yusuf Ali?

Abdullah Yusuf Ali was born on April 14, 1872 and died on December 10, 1953. Abdullah Yusuf Ali would have been 81 years old at the time of death or 143 years old today.
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What is the story of abdullah ibn suliman?

Abdullah ibn Suliman may he rest in peace was a war hero in Ethiopia. Originating from Yemen his family moved to Ethiopia after his father had been targeted by the Yemeni gove ( Full Answer )
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When was Munshi Abdullah born?

munshi abdullah was born in 1796. no one knows the exact date. hope this helps
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What is King Abdullah remembered for?

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was born on the 1st August 1924 and became King on the 3rd August 2005. He will probably be best know for establishing the Arab Common Market in ( Full Answer )
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When was Abdullah Al Mamun born?

Abdullah Al Mamun was born on July 13, 1942, in Jamalpur, West Bengal, British India (now Bangladesh).
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What movie and television projects has Abdullah Abdullah been in?

Abdullah Abdullah has: Played himself in "NBC Nightly News" in 1970. Played Himself - Politician in "Frontline" in 1983. Played himself in "The Charlie Rose Show" in 1991. Pla ( Full Answer )
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Who is Abdullah Gül?

Abdullah Gül is a Turkish politician who served as the 11th President of Turkey. He was in office from 28 August 2007 - 28 August 2014.
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What has the author Abdullah Hussain written?

Abdullah Hussain has written: 'Udaas naslain' 'Proses kreatif' -- subject(s): Malay fiction, Malay Authors, Biography, Creative writing 'Nadi aur Samander'
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What has the author Abdullah I Kanduru written?

Abdullah I. Kanduru has written: 'The implementation of the national manpower policy by Tanzanian universities from 1962 to 1994' -- subject(s): Administration, Economic asp ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Abdullah Syam written?

Abdullah Syam has written: 'Evaluasi populasi dan habitat Bekantan (Nasalis larvatus Geoffr.) di Suaka Margasatwa Kutai, Kalimantan Timur =' -- subject(s): Mammals, Probosci ( Full Answer )
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When sheik abdullah visited Brazil?

Sheik Abdullah visited Brazil back in 1984. The Sheik was treated as a first class dignitary by Brazilian officials. The highlight of the trip was when the Sheik visited the A ( Full Answer )
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Who was sheik abdullah in 1983?

In 1983, Sheik Abdullah was part of the Royal Saudi family. While many referred to him as the King, he was part of the family that supported Abdallah.