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Why was Abimelech interested in Sarah?

She was said to be beautiful. As king he had the ability to take a wife as he wanted. Like todays news stories, you would be careful not to enter certain parts of a city for f ( Full Answer )
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How do you sound out Abimelech?

You can go to and look at their pronunciation key. It should sound something like this: Uh-Bim-uh-leck.
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Why was Abimelech interested in Isaac's wife?

Answer This is called a doublet. Just as Abraham tried to pass Sarah off as his sister while visiting the palace of Abimelech king of Gerar, so did Isaac, his son, try to pas ( Full Answer )
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Why was Abimelech interested in Abraham's wife Sarah in the Bible?

Genesis gives two parallel stories of Abraham where he got tangled up in his deviousness. First he told the Pharaoh that his wife Sarah was his sister, for fear that the Phar ( Full Answer )
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Which bloodline of Noah's sons did abimelech come from?

ABIMELECH = The name of two kings of Philistia; the first was a contemporary of Abraham, the second, probably son of the former, was king in the days of Isaac. It is quite pos ( Full Answer )