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What is an ace?

In a deck of cards it is the one with the capital letter A on it. In games like blackjack it can be a 1 or an 11. In most other games it is the card that is one higher than a (MORE)
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What is ace of base?

Ace of Base is a 90's band who sings pop music. They are from Gothenburg, Sweden. It consists of 4 people Ulf "Buddha" Beggren and three siblings Jenny Beggren, Jonas "Joker" (MORE)
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Who were the aces?

Aces were pilots who shot down 5 or more enemy aircraft.\n. \nAlso, the term was loosely applied to German soldiers who destroyed more than 5 tanks.
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What rhymes with ace?

trace,race,case,chase,face,vase,base,pase and I can't think of anymore. bass, base, case, chase, face, lace, mace, pace, race, vase, erase, bouillabaisse space, brace, (MORE)
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What is TR in Acs?

\nTR means "tonne of refregeration". it is bacically the colling capacity of the a/cs.
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What is .ace?

What is ACE ACE is a national charitable organization that is defining the path of champions by teaching and igniting young Canadians to create brighter futures for themse (MORE)
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Where are the aces in ace combat 6?

you can find the aces by playing ace difficulty in the campaign, they will be on every level. the aces will be shown as green targets (like normal targets) but will be named (MORE)
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Who are the aces?

The ACES or O.O.K = organisation of kids. Who want to fight for rights but do not have the power to do so yet they are recruiting members now and are working on better tech.
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What is aced?

aced is a poisan
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How do you get acs in aqworld?

Buy a membership, or just buy AC coins or got to walmart or some store and buy a aqworlds quardian card and enter the code in on Aq worlds
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What ryms with Ace?

Case, days,face,haze,Jayce,lace,mace,pace,race,vase,ways.
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How do you ace an exam?

study study and study some more and never stay up late you will be tired later and wont think striat and good luck.
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What is a service ace?

for volleyball, a service ace is when you serve the ball over the net and the ball served touches the court without anyone else touching it, meaning that it was a perfect serv (MORE)
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Why do you get a head ace?

A headache is a pain sensed in the nerves and musclesof the head and neck, as well as the meninges (the membranous coverings of the brain and spinal cord). Your brain itself (MORE)
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Who is Ace Dollar?

A convicted drug dealer with alleged ties to the Face Mob Family. Also he is the brother of Durham North Carolina Rapper The Real Charlie O.
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What is an ace in softball?

There is no such thing as an ace in softball; you might be thinking of volleyball or tennis.
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How do you you get free acs?

join ballyhoo and watch the advertisements, then get your reward, sometimes you get ACs.
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Who is Ace the Fox?

Probably just a Sonic fan character.
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What were the Quartering Acs?

The Quartering Acts were a set of "laws" passed by the British to the colonies where they had to house soldiers and keep them supplied with food and beer. The colonists did no (MORE)
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Who is Ace Thrilla?

Ace is the name from the dec of cards Ace of spades And thrilla known for all thrills Ace thrilla Joined to rock and rap at age 17 along with his rap attack stabber (MORE)
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What rhymes with aced?

based . baste . chaste . faced . haste . laced . paste . taste . waist . distaste . cased . aftertaste
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How do I ace an audition?

Be very confident. Picture inside your head what the character you're auditioning for would be like and pretend like that person is who you are.
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Is ace a suffix?

love -add suffixes
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How can you ace maths?

Practice real had focus on the part more difficult to you . If that did not work try asking a friend in your class is good at maths to help you or ask a teacher .