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When is hurricane season in Acapulco?

The season officially started on May 15 in the eastern Pacific, and on June 1 for the central Pacific, and will officially end on November 30, 2009.
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How do you make acapulco ointment?

To prepare an Akapulko herbal ointment prepare and follow these instructions. . Wash fresh leaves of Akapulko thoroughly and cut in small pieces. . Add one glass of cooking ( Full Answer )
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What is acapulco ointment?

Acapulco ointment contains oil from the leaves of the Acapulcoplant. The plant is a medicinal herb and fungicide that can treatfungal infections, ringworms, eczema, and bug bi ( Full Answer )
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What is the closest airport to Acapulco?

Juan Alvarez International Airport is IN Acapulco. Due to cartel violence, most major US Airlines (Delta, American 4 example) have pulled out of the city. But you can still ca ( Full Answer )
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How long flight from Manchester to acapulco?

i am flying from Manchester international airport UK to acapulco in Mexico, how long should the flight take ? i am flying from Manchester international airport UK to acapulco ( Full Answer )
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Driving time from Cancun to acapulco?

The actual time may vary according to the traffic and weather. Theapproximate driving time between these two places is 20 hours.
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What is an Acapulco medicinal plants?

Akapulko or Acapulco in English is a shrub found throughout the Philippines. It is known under various names in different regions in the country. Locals call the plant katanda ( Full Answer )
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What religions are there in Acapulco?

The main religion is Roman Catholicism.. But like everywhere else in the world, there are also a diverse mixture of other religions, such as Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Juda ( Full Answer )
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Where to stay in Acapulco?

Go to The Mayan Sea garden, Mayan Palace, Or grand Mayan. the best hotels there!!!
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What is the language in Acapulco?

Spanish is mainly spoken in Acapulco. There are other languajes spoken by Indigenous people such as Mixtec.
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Is acapulco a state?

Acapulco is not a state. it belongs to Guerrero state, where Chilpancingo city is the capital. Acapulco is the biggest and most populated of Guerrero state
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How far between Acapulco and anchorage?

Distance between Acapulco, Mexico and Anchorage, Alaska is 6,300 Kilometers (3,915 miles) on a straight line.
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How do you spell acapulco?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun Acapulco ( Acapulco de Juárez ), a city on the Pacific coast of Mexico.
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How much does to send a package to acapulco?

i would bet that it matters alot on where you are sending it from also the weight of the package along with priority shipping or next day shipping and tax of your region ( Full Answer )
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Driving time from Toronto to acapulco?

The actual time may vary according to the traffic and weather. Theapproximate driving time between these two places is 42 hours.
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Is Acapulco safe?

Unfortunately, no. It is the third most dangerous city in Latin America, just behind San Pedro Sula (Honduras) and Juarez, also in Mexico. During 2011 there were more than 106 ( Full Answer )
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What is Acapulco Mexico murder rate?

Acapulco as part of the state of Guerrero has a rate of approximately 46.06 intentional homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. Pretty high in comparison to other crime-ridden part ( Full Answer )
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Why is marijuana called Acapulco Gold?

A strand the was grown in the mountains in Mexico had a yellow color rather than the green color of most Mexican weed. This "gold" color could also be found in Columbia weed. ( Full Answer )
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Why is Acapulco known as Acapulco De Juarez?

Acapulco is the name of the city it had before contact with Europeans and it means "Place of the broken reeds". The suffix "de Juarez" was added in 1885 to honor Mexican presi ( Full Answer )
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Is Acapulco a state in Mexico?

No. It is a city within the state of Guerrero. The capital of such state is the city of Chilpancingo.
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How far is Acapulco and Mexico City?

Flying distance is 297 kilometers (185 miles). Road distance is 379 kilometers (236 miles), over a 4-hour, non-stop drive.
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Why is Acapulco a major citys in Mexico?

It has been a major port on the Pacific coast of Mexico since almost 500 years ago. It was the destination of many trade routes from southeast Asia into Mexico during the colo ( Full Answer )
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How far is Cozumel from Acapulco Mexico?

Both places are 1,426 Km (886 miles) apart from each other on a straight line. Road distance is of about 1,901 Km (1,182 miles), as you have to cross both Sierra Madre mountai ( Full Answer )
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What is the scientific name of acapulco flower?

Its real name is Oriental Hybrid Lily, a crossbred of Liliumauratum and Lilium speciosum . These were brought intoMexico from the Spanish holdings in South East Asia (i.e. ( Full Answer )
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What time is it in Acapulco?

It is GMT-6 or CST most of the year except during daylight savingstime, whose start-end dates are different than those in the US.
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Which hotels are the cheapest in Acapulco?

The cheapest hotels in Acapulco, Mexico are usually the ones which offer only the basic accomodation and small rooms. The price of these start as low as 8USD/night, but for an ( Full Answer )
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What sport do they play in Acapulco?

Soccer is the most popular among the population, but Acapulco is a beach resort; as such, it has a wide variety of activities, such as beach volleyball, tennis, basketball a ( Full Answer )
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What reasons to live in Acapulco?

Not many, as it is a seaside resort with few economic opportunitiesbesides those found within the tourism industry. Many peoplehowever, have 'weekend' departments and houses, ( Full Answer )
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Why is Acapulco so popular?

Since colonial times (1600-1800s) it became an important seaport inthe Pacific Ocean, specifically developed for trade between theAmericas and Spanish holdings in Southeast As ( Full Answer )
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Does Acapulco have sharks?

Yes. There are over 25 species of sharks around Acapulco, includingthe Great White, Bull and Tiger sharks. You should be awarehowever, that shark attacks are quite rare; the l ( Full Answer )
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How far is Acapulco from Mexico?

I guess you mean how far is Acapulco from Mexico City, as Acapulco is a coastal city within the country of Mexico. Acapulco is 296 kilometers (184 miles) south of Mexico Ci ( Full Answer )
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What is Acapulco the capital of?

Acapulco is a city in thestate of Guerrero in Mexico. Acapulco is not a capital city.Chilpancingo is the capital city of Guerrero, Mexico. Mexico Cityis the capital and most p ( Full Answer )