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What did menes do?

Menes was a pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt
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Who were Menes parents?

Menes was an ancient pharaoh of Egypt, and the founder of the firstdynasty. His own identity is unclear, and scholars do not know whohis parents were.
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What is an ach?

An ach is a name given to several species of plant, such as wildcelery or parsley.
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Why do you ache?

people normally ache because of pain or something that has hit , sratched or touched them and it hertz them because of their body format. . It depends on the body part were (MORE)
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Where did Menes rule?

Menes was an Egyptian King who reigned in around 3100 BC, credited with founding the First Dynasty.
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What the mening of technique?

I think it means like how you do things. Like for example in dance the techniques can be slow, jumpy, jittery etc.
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What did menes build?

He build a city called Memphis and in the Ancient Egypt it was theCapital.
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What is the mening of computer?

computer is an electronic device which is used for taking the input,processing and displaying the results. Before the concept of electronic compters (pre-1940's), the name 'co (MORE)
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What is the mening of friction?

friction is that force that opposes motion. for e.g friction between the road and your shoes prevent you from falling when you walk on the road.
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What the mening of fahmida?

Fahmida is a female name in the Urdu language. It is derived from the Arabic word "fahim," which means "intelligent" or "scholar."
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What the mening of perihelion?

When a planetary body is orbiting a star, it is the point at which it is closest to the star.
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What is the mening of weilu?

It is a communal feast during the Chinese New Year called "surrounding the stove" or "weilu."
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What are facts about menes?

He was buried in Abydos. Menes is often called king Tut or the HawkKing. Menes was a pharoah during the Dynastic Peroid! J.B.
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What is an ache?

An ache is a continued dull pain.