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Who were the Achaeans?

The Achaeans (Greek: Ἀχαιοί, Akhaioí) is one of the collective names used for the Greeks in Homer's Iliad (used 598 times) and Odyssey.
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What did the Achaeans adopt from Minoan civilization?

The Achaeans, an Indo-European people, adopted and built on the achievements of the Minoan civilization. Achaean artisans reproduced Minoan design on jewelry, pottery and tool ( Full Answer )
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Why does Apollo send a plague upon the Achaeans?

Because Agamennon takes prisoner a priestess (Criseida,or Criseis en English) of Apollo's cult. Her father asks for her liberation for ramson but Agamennon refuses. The father ( Full Answer )
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What is an Achaean?

An Achaean is an inhabitant of Achaea, a region in the northernhead of the Peleponnese.
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Why did the achaeans fight the Trojan war?

Prince Paris "kidnapped" Helen, the wife of Menelaus and took her to Troy. When Helen was married, her father, fearing the wrath of the princes that he did not marry Helen to, ( Full Answer )
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The prophet Calchas state who must fight for the Achaeans in order for Troy to be taken?

Some post-Homeric sources claim that in order to keep Achilles safe from the war, Thetis (or, in some versions, Peleus) hides the young man at the court of Lycomedes, king of ( Full Answer )
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What art and architecture did the achaeans produce?

The Mycenaean civilization flourished during the period roughly between 1600 BC, when Helladic culture in mainland Greece was transformed under influences from Minoan Crete, ( Full Answer )
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What did the Achaeans do in Troy?

They captured and burnt the city, and sold the inhabitants into slavery. Achaean is another name for Greeks.
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Who is Thersites and how is he different than the other Achaeans you encounter in the epic?

Arctinus of Miletus, The Aethiopis Fragment 1 (from ProclusChrestomathia 2) : "The Iliad of Homer, is followed in turn by the five booksof the Aithiopis , the work of Arkti ( Full Answer )
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How did Achaean become a roman province?

At the end of the fourth Macedonian war, Rome turned Macedon into a Roman province. The cities of the Achaean league rose against Rome. They were defeated. Corinth was destroy ( Full Answer )
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How large was the Achaean army in the Trojan war?

The actual number is never mentioned because the war occurred during the Bronze Age, and records of that nature weren't kept. It's easy to assume, though, based on the sheer n ( Full Answer )
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Why do the Achaeans took so long to defeat the Trojans?

We do not know much about the actual timing of the Trojan War, sothis will focus on what is written in The Iliad and The Odyssey.The first issue is that the beachhead was diff ( Full Answer )
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Why did the Greek Mycenaeans and Achaeans wage war on the city of Troy?

Because the Trojan prince Paris had seduced Helen, wife of kingMenelaus of Sparta, and abducted her to Troy. Before Helen marriedMenelaus, a great number of royal suitors had ( Full Answer )