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What did the Acholi tribe believe?

why is there a war in Northern Uganda of the government of Museveni and the Acholi??
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What is the definition of Acholis?

Acholis has more than one definition. Acholis is people from Guruwho are hardworking and serious with their work. Another definitionof Acholis is a Luo Nilotic ethnic group fr ( Full Answer )
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How do i say thank you in acholi language?

Its said "Afoyo Matec" or if someone has already said thank you and you also want to say thanks you say "Afoyo Bennae", which means thanks to.
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How do the acholi people say goodbye?

Acholi people (Central Luo) say goodbye like the Luo people of Kenya (Southern Luo) with variations in the first word and the spelling of the second word. 1. Kong ku meno (Lu ( Full Answer )