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What is an adi seed?

adi means beginning of cosmic effects surrounding celestial bodies in the ocean of entire universe where there is no beginning of anything related to the seed or matter it mat (MORE)
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Who is Adi Mutu?

He is a famous Romanian football player.

What does ADIS mean?

Adis is when you contract it you die!!!!!!!
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What is ADI?

Adi is an common name for men and uncommon first name for women but a somewhat common last name for both men and women Adi or Edi means good (in Javanese). Can be used eith (MORE)
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How fast is a ady gil?

The Ady Gil is the 3 ship to the Sea Shepard's hunt to stop Wailing from the Japanese, this ship can go as fast as 100+ miles per hour.
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Is it Adi Dubai or Dubai?

There is Abu Dhabi; which is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. And there is Dubai; which is the trading city.
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When was Endre Ady born?

Endre Ady was born on November 22, 1877.
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Who is Sheek Adi?

He wrote the Al-Jiwah which certain satanic groups see as being a direct prophecy from Lucifer.
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Why Ramayana is called Adi kavaya?

Because it was the first book ever written in Sanskrit language. Earlier to Ramayana's writing Sanskrit was in use as a spoken language only.
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Who is big adi?

he is a really cool kid.
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Is Adi awesome?

Yes Adi is awesome and also Isha
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When was Ady An born?

Ady An was born on 1980-09-29.
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What is an adi-guru?

An adi-guru is the first "first spiritual master" of a disciplinic succession.
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What is the Adi Granth?

The Adi Granth is another term for the Sikh religious scripture.
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Who is Adi Shankaracharya?

Adi shankaracharya is not a name of person. Instead it is a placeof the highest hindu leader. Same as dalai lama.