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Where is Adirondacks?

The Adirondack mountains are located in Upstate New York and are considered the largest park in the country. With millions of acres of lushes forest. i have lived in the Adiro (MORE)
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What is the population in adirondacks?

Per Glens Falls' Post Star: "According to a Post-Star analysis of recently released 2010 census data, the 70 towns and villages that lie entirely within the park collectively (MORE)
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What animals inhabit the adirondacks?

I live in the Adirondacks and animals that we've seen and heard that live here are foxes, bears, fisher-cats, beavers, raccoons, coyotes, wolves (rarely), various rabbits, and (MORE)
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What are adirondacks famous for?

The Adirondacks are famous for a plethora of things..... From the scenic beauty of all four seasons to the small villages to the tranquil lakes..... Not to mention Abolition (MORE)
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What is an Adirondacker?

An Adirondacker is a native or inhabitant of the Adirondacks.