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What islands are in the Aegean Sea?

The Agean Sea is the body of water between Greece and Turkey. It is in the north eastern portion of the Mediterranean Sea. This sea contains hundreds of islands, including t ( Full Answer )
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Does the aegean sea border Italy?

No, the seas which border Italy are the Adriatic to the east, the Tyrrhenian sea to the west, the Ionian sea to the south and the Ligurian sea at the north east, which are par ( Full Answer )
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Who were the Minoans defeated in the Aegean region?

Flourishing from the 3rd to the middle of the 2nd millenniumBC/BCE, the Minoan people resided on the island of Crete in theEastern Mediterranean Basin and are characterized as ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce Aegean Sea?

AEGEAN SEA : an extension of the Mediterranean Sea, it divides mainland Greece from mainland Turkey.. Properly pronounced "ih-GEE-un" but more ordinarily "ay-GEE-un". (not a ( Full Answer )
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What is aegean isles?

Islands in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey. Nearly all the the islands belong to Greece.
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What countries border the Aegean sea?

The countries that border the Aegean Sea are Turkey, Greece and the Island of Crete. Turkey, Greece and Crete Greece and Turkey. The countries are Turkey, Greece, and the Isla ( Full Answer )
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Is the Aegean Sea close to Hawaii?

The Hawaii Archipelago is in the Eastern part of the Pacific Ocean;the Aegean Sea is between Greece and Turkey and is a European sea.The distance is enormous.
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Is Cyprus in the Aegean Sea?

No. Cyprus is wholly in the Mediterranean Sea. The Aegean Sea is tothe northwest of Cyprus.
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How did the aegean sea get its name?

King Aegeus, who was the king of Theseus, drowned himself in that sea because he thought that Theseus died.
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Where was the earliest Aegean civilization located?

\nThe earliest civilization in the Aegean region emerged on the large island of Crete, southeast of the Greek mainland. (Ch. 4/Pg. 75: The Essential World History-Volume I: To ( Full Answer )
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What was the original name of the Aegean Sea?

The sea was traditionally known as Archipelago, the general sense of which has since changed to refer to the Aegean Islands and, generally, to any island group because the Aeg ( Full Answer )
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Is euboea an island in the Aegean Sea?

Euboea is an island in the Aegean Sea. It is the second largest ofthe Greek Island, with Crete being the largest.
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What sharks live in the aegean sea?

The Aegean Sea is the area of sea around Crete and Rhodes. There are lots of Shark specieis in the Meditteranean and around the UK. Although there have not been many sighti ( Full Answer )
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What factors shaped early aegean civilization?

Early Aegean civilizations were located on islands or near thecoast, so sea trade was important to them. Their land alsosupported agriculture.
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Where is the Aegean Sea in Europe?

The Aegean Sea is part of the Mediterranean Ocean, which liesbetween Greece, in Europe, and Turkey.
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Do sharks live in the Aegean Sea?

Several shark species live in the Mediterranean, and Aegean Sea,the coast around Crete, Rhodes and Sicily. There is a generaldebate, about whether Great Whites, are found in t ( Full Answer )
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Why did Homer travel to the Aegean world?

I am 100% positive Homer traveld through the Aegean world in order to collect new stories about the gods and goddesses told to him by other civilions.
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Is Turkey on the Aegean Sea?

Yes, it is. The lenght of the Turkish coastline on the Aegean see is approximately 2500km.
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What color is aegean?

Vivid blue. Aegean blue refers to the blue waters of theMediterranean Sea between Greece and Anatolian peninsulas.
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How far apart was the ionain and aegean sea?

The Aegean and Ionian seas, were a country apart. The Aegean sea was located on the western coast of Greece and the ionian sea of the western coast. They both met at the Sea o ( Full Answer )
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Why was the aegean sea so important to the Greeks?

Most of the main Greek ports were located on the southern or eastern costs of Greece, mainly because of the topography of the country. Additionally, prevailing winds would com ( Full Answer )
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Is Aegean a part of Greece?

Yes. The Aegean Sea is an elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea located between the southern Balkan and Anatolian peninsulas, between the mainlands of Greece and Tu ( Full Answer )
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What is the Aegean region of Europe?

The Aegean region of Europe is the area that surrounds the Aegean Sea. A map is provided in the link below of the Aegean region.
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Where is Aegean Airlines based out of?

Aegean Airlines is the largest Greek airline and is based out of Athens, Greece. You can book flights to Athens, other parts of Greece and most of Europe as well.
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Is there killer whales in the Aegean Sea?

Only if they have really lost their way. Normally they onlylive in cold, oceanic waters. The risk of encountering one in theAegean Sea is negligible.