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Could you be pregnant if you stopped the pill a month ago and are having several pregnancy signs 5 days after unprotected sex even though a test was negative?

Answer . Yes! Lets say that you got pregnant on the day of sex. That was 5 days ago. When conception takes place, it takes 6-12 days for the embryo to travel down and impla (MORE)
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You had unprotected sex and 8 days after you came on period and 10 days after finished period you had a spot of blood like when you finish a period but happened 2 days in a row?

Sometimes when estrogen levels rise when you're ovulating which, would probably be about 10 days after your period, you may spot. This is normal and I am 99% sure it is not im (MORE)
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What if your period ended and a day later had unprotected sex so took the morning after pill you then came on again 5 days later could you still be pregnant?

Answer . Funny thing about birth control is that it really messes with a woman's hormones. Birth control tricks the body into thinking it is already pregnant so you cannot (MORE)
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Can you be pregnant if you are 10 days delay took 4 pregnancy test in the morning all negative having sex with condom and no eyaculation No sintoms of pregnancy a how accurative can be the blood test?

A lot of pregnancy tests can not dectect a pregnancy until 14 days after the missed period, and sometimes longer. There are tests such as early response that can detect pregna (MORE)
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Your GF has normal periods you both are clean and have no infections What are the safe days to have sex without condoms because you do not enjoy with condoms on?

Keeping in mind that anything is possible, and depending upon how long her period lasts. . . Counting "day 1" as the first day of her period, you could be fairly safe probably (MORE)
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You had a safe sex using condom but unfortunately that broke and last part remain in your vagina you come out after 2 days you took morning after pill within 24 hours is there chance of being pregnant?

in any unprotected sex there is a small chance of being pregnant but you took the pill within the first 24 hours which puts your chance at the pill being 95% effectve the pill (MORE)
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Could my gf be pregnant if she is on the pill and we used condoms and she got her period 2 weeks after we had sex. her period is normally very regular but she is now 2 days late. should we worry?

She can take an at home pregnancy test or go to the doctor and have a blood test done there. A woman's menstrual cycle fluctuates through out her life so this may be a normal (MORE)
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Is it normal for your period to last for 10 days?

many people say it can last that long and that it's normal, mine does sometimes but i have also heard that this is a sign that you need to see a doctor as i am currently doing (MORE)
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If you do a condom check after sex and there are no holes and you didn't take the pill the next day can you still miss a period and be nauseated?

You can still be pregnant after sex even if you use a condom with no visible holes and you take the pill. No means of contraception is perfect. So if you are relying on on t (MORE)
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I am 10 days late and used a condom?

Being late can happen for all kinds of reasons besides being pregnant if you used a condom the way you should have you don't have anything to worry about.
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Can you still get pregnant if you had unprotected sex a few days after you came off your period he came in you and you put the morning after pill in your mouth but didn't swallow it?

The morning after pill only works if ingested, and I believe that a woman can get pregnant at any time during the month. The possibility is there. If you are worried, the bes (MORE)