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Is the popular opera 'Aida' based on a true story?

No, it is fictional. It is claimed that the Egyptologist Auguste Mariette wrote a brief plot for an opera in 1869 at the request of the Khedive. Although there are scholars wh (MORE)
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Who composed the operas 'Aida' and 'La Traviata'?

Giuseppe Verdi, of Italy. Aida, by Giuseppe Verdi, was written in 1871, with first performance on 24 th Dec 1871 at the Cairo Opera House. Although the general feeling is t (MORE)
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Aidas theory of selling?

AIDAS theory, the buying formula theory of selling, the behavioral equation theory and the right set of circumstances theory. AIDAS is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desi (MORE)
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What is AIDAS principle in advertising?

A = Attention: Make sure your headline catches your readers' attention. It must excite them just by seeing it. Make sure your headline either reveals or conceals a common inte (MORE)