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What is Ajax?

Ajax - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML By using the programming practice termed "Ajax" you will be able to trade data without having to load a new page. AJAX is a new techni ( Full Answer )
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Who was ajax?

Ajax or Ajax the Great, son of Telamon, was a character in Homer's epic poem "The Iliad", part one of his writings "The Odyssey" being the second. Ajax, according to legend, w ( Full Answer )
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What need of Ajax?

Ajax stands for Asynchronous java script thatallows web pages to be updated asynchronously by exchanging smallamounts of data with the server behind the scenes. In these dayst ( Full Answer )
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Who did the famous horse Ajax belong to?

Ajax was one of Robert E. Lee's many warhorses used during the Civil War. Ajax "Ajax killed himself by running into the iron prong of a gate-latch" and is buried on the ground ( Full Answer )
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Which is better java or Ajax?

you mean JavaApplet or Ajax? I do not think you can compare java as a whole and AJAX. Ajax is a simple implementation of JAvascript .
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How can Ajax benefit legacy systems?

AJAX can benefit legacy systems by incorporating advancements thatcan increase dynamic user options that may not have been possiblebefore implementation of AJAX on legacy syst ( Full Answer )
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How can you learn Ajax?

If you want to learn Ajax simply buy a book about it, spend some time on it (months) and hopfully you learn it. It's just like learning a new language. The most important thin ( Full Answer )
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The disadvantages of Ajax?

They don't always play like a team, but as individuals. And in the last few seasons Ajax bought some mediocre players.
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What did Ajax the Great do?

Ajax the Great was the King of Salamis and one of the primary participating commanders of the Trojan War. Of the Achaeans, he was considered lesser than only Achilles and Diom ( Full Answer )
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What you mean by Ajax?

Ajax is a Greek hero who fought in the Trojan war but was killed by Hector.
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Who killed Ajax the greater?

There are several versions of the death of Ajax the greater. According to one story, after the death of Achilles there was a dispute as to who should receive his armor; it was ( Full Answer )
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Why won't Ajax approach Odysseus?

Ajax won't approach Odysseus because he killed himself and died.There is no way for him to speak because he is already dead.
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Can you snort Ajax?

Why, are you wanting to kill yourself real quick? Not to mention cleanly .. aha! Answer #2: To elaborate on the above answer, while you may not die. Here is what will happen ( Full Answer )
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What was operation Ajax?

Unfortunately I am not specialst in AjaX, but I can advice you these online tutorials:php tutorials. There are many articles about php, AjaX and interaction between AjaX and P ( Full Answer )
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How does ajax work?

AJAX eliminates page refreshes by handling the requested operations in JavaScript and calling the server side operations in an asynchronous mode to display the necessary resul ( Full Answer )
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What is the story of Ajax the Greek warrior?

he was a Greek warrior know best for his way of "getting the job done" or doing very well in battle. He was in the Trojan war
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Will Ajax cleanse your system from marijuana?

Yes, Ajax will clean your system! I have been on probation for 7years and i smoke weed all day everyday and I use Ajax to clean mysystem! I only had 1 dirty test in 7 years, a ( Full Answer )
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How thick is Ajax dish soap?

I think that ajax soap is thick because wen u look at it look's thick
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Can you mix bleach and Ajax?

It says right on the bottle "do not mix with chlorine bleach to avoid irritating fumes"
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What does ajax have in it?

Karishma Krishna, the creator of ajax, added her secret ingredients into this product. They are the following; Juno acid, h2o 3
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Will Ajax bleach kill ants?

Ajax bleach is a chemical cleaner, and is not marketed to killants. There are reports of people using it to kill ants withsuccess as an on contact killer.
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In The Iliad does Hector battle Ajax?

Yes he does. Iliad , book 7, describes their single combat in which Hector is almost defeated but the duel is interrupted by a "herald of Zeus". Interestingly enough, to end ( Full Answer )
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Was Ajax a Greek god or a human?

He was human. He was second best fighter in the Trojan war, second only to Achilles. He fought Odeyseuss and they drew but he is actually much harder than him.
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Why does Ajax kill himself?

Ajax thought he should get Achilles' after rescuing his body. When the Greeks decided to give the armor to http://wiki.answer ( Full Answer )
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Why did Poseidon kill Ajax?

hw didnt it was Athena she drove him mad because he vowed to kill the people she was protecting (sorry cant remember their names, but their pretty famous and easy to find) he ( Full Answer )
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Why learn Ajax?

We learn Ajax because if we want to send the some content only at the server than the whole page which will postback (it means it return the value which we want access from th ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between jquery and Ajax?

JQuery is a Javascript code library that helps you do dynamic changes to your website. Ajax has the same idea, but more used to make dynamic changes to your website to and fr ( Full Answer )
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Can you add Ajax requests in Ajax server page?

If you add javascript to the server page then it is possible. But it would be bad programming practise. Ideally the ajax requests should be on an external javascript file and ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell Ajax?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun Ajax, a warrior in Greek mythology.
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Why was CIA operation Ajax necessary?

Washington and London had a shared interest in maintaining thecontrol of Iranian oil. See more data at the related Wikipedia link listed below:
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What can be found at the Ajax library?

Ajax public library has a number of resources which might be of interest. They have eBooks, eResources, eAudiobooks, eMusic as well as books for adults and children of all age ( Full Answer )
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What does the Ajax in Ajax Programming stand for?

AJAX of AJAX Programming Asynchronus Javascript and XML. This program allows one to receive additional information without having to refresh the page.
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Which side was Ajax on in the Trojan War?

The Greek plundering expedition, as the story goes. However he hadbeen dead for 50 years when the invasion happened.