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Are American Akitas dangerous dog?

i have an akita and he is a very tame and calm dog..i dont think that they are dangerous depending on the way the owner treats the dog but my answer to you question is No they (MORE)
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Do Akitas and Huskies shed a lot?

Yes. Akitas and Huskies are among the breeds that shed the most. Both breeds are double coated dogs. They have an outer layer of course, straight fur that repels water with (MORE)
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Are Akitas aggressive?

It depends.. Some are not, but many are very aggressive due to their protective nature.
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What dog is bigger husky or akitas?

Akitas are taller and heavier than Huskies. Here's more about them,
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Are Japanese akitas dangerous dogs?

well me and my partner have 3 Japanese akitas and most of my partners family own 1 or more and they have children from baby upwards and they have never attacked any of us. the (MORE)
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When should an akitas tail curl?

Akita's generally curl their tails when they are happy and/or confident. Sad Akita's tend to let the tail droop - much like the ears.
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What do akitas eat?

my 2 yr old new akita/husky mix won't eat the hard sciene diet dogfood the pound gave me, so far only wet food the vet said to mixwith hard food (she picks out the hard food s (MORE)
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Do akitas swim?

yes they love the water my 3 akitas love to swim!
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What is the akitas bite pressure?

The bite pressure of an Akita is between 300 and 400 pounds. Thesedogs are commonly used as guard dogs throughout America.
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How old do akitas get?

10 to 11 years They can live up to 10 - 12 years. Akitas are very smart and should not be left alone for along time. Akitas came from Japan into the US by Helen Keller.
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Are Akitas good with German Shepherds?

No dog hates another dog. If they are both socialized and good with other dogs there is no problem. Akita's however, have been known to live in harmony for years with another (MORE)
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What weather do Japanese Akitas prefer?

I have a pure bred, red Japanese Akita and he loves going outside. It's not a good idea to let your Akita to be a house dog. Let him/her be a outdoor dog during the day, and a (MORE)
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Who introduced akitas to the US?

It was Helen Keller. When Helen Keller visited Akita Prefecture in Japan in July 1937, she inquired about Hachikō, the famed Akitadog that had died in 1935. She told a Japa (MORE)
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Are akitas cheap?

Depending on where you adopt/buy from, I'm sure you could find one in your price range. Check out , or local shelters. Shelters usually have the best prices (and (MORE)
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Can Akitas swim?

yes,my 3 akitas swim all the time we have a boat and they jump off and swim and have a blast the are defently water dogs.
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How fast can akitas run?

Akitas do not often like to run, BUT when they do they reach impressive speeds of 25mph
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Are akitas good with other dogs?

Depends on the individual. But without proper training, Akitas have a high chance of being dog-aggressive.
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Who are neru akitas best friends?

well her first best friend is haku, then goes akaito(akaito is her crush)and then goes miku.then is teto and rin.heru crush is len.p.s i know this because i am an expert at vo (MORE)