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What is an akita?

An akita is a breed of dog that originates from Japan. Hellen Keller brought this breed of dogs to America. But they can be feirce to visitors. But they can be loving too! And ( Full Answer )
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Are American Akitas dangerous dog?

i have an akita and he is a very tame and calm dog..i dont think that they are dangerous depending on the way the owner treats the dog but my answer to you question is No they ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of the name Akita?

\nAkita is the name of a city in Japan where the dog breed Akita Inu is believed to have originated from.
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Akita vs German shepherd?

read all of it!!!!!!! The Akita easily They are heavier and stronger with larger heads and jaws. A larger head = more biting power. The German Shepherd is a fantastic ( Full Answer )
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Are Akitas aggressive?

It depends.. Some are not, but many are very aggressive due to their protective nature.
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Is an akita a wolf?

All dogs are descendants from wolves, but an akita is not a wolf. The scientific name for dogs is Canis lupis familiaris where Canis lupis is the Grey Wolf. IF Akita's are d ( Full Answer )
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American akita vs Japanese akita?

It's really easy to tell the difference apart of Japanese akita and American Akitas. (only for adults, but sometimes puppies) Japanese akitas have only 3 colors, Red (that ( Full Answer )
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What do akitas eat?

my 2 yr old new akita/husky mix won't eat the hard sciene diet dogfood the pound gave me, so far only wet food the vet said to mixwith hard food (she picks out the hard food s ( Full Answer )
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How fast can a akita?

The akita can outrun an adult lion...... I don't know about the preceding point but it seems highly unlikely, my Akita can outrun any human (obviously!) but compared to other ( Full Answer )
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Should you get American akita or akita inu?

American, i have 3 American Akitas they are beautifully, friendly,loyal dogs. If i had to choose a breed get an American akita defenlity!also if you wach the movie call hachi ( Full Answer )
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How old do akitas get?

10 to 11 years They can live up to 10 - 12 years. Akitas are very smart and should not be left alone for along time. Akitas came from Japan into the US by Helen Keller.
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What do you do when are akita has puppies?

I would suggest selling the pups at a high price. Akita's may not be rare, but they are a noble breed and they are useful for many different things. Be aware that many Akita b ( Full Answer )
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What is the temperment of the Akita?

akitas are uaslly(if trained right) caring and loving for their family from my expiences they enjoy the love and company of their owners and will keep them safe they were bred ( Full Answer )
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What is stronger then akita?

alaskan malamute are more muscular. mine competes in weight pulling. never yet seen an akita
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What is Akita?

It is a type of dog, and Im pretty sure its a lab and a husky (I dont know for sure, Ive seen one and tried to convince my dad to lemme keep it, so i think that is what it is) ( Full Answer )
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How do you treat an akita?

oh my gosh why would you ask that, you treat an akita with love, kindness, and you feed it meat and veggies and you give it fresh water. NEVER EVER TREAT A DOG BAD NOMATTER W ( Full Answer )
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Are akitas cheap?

Depending on where you adopt/buy from, I'm sure you could find one in your price range. Check out , or local shelters. Shelters usually have the best prices (and ( Full Answer )
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Can Akitas swim?

yes,my 3 akitas swim all the time we have a boat and they jump off and swim and have a blast the are defently water dogs.
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Is an akita inu a purebred or hybrid?

akita inu is a purebred dog . But many so call " American Dog Professionals "claimed it's a designer dog . Mayb this is due to that American akita looks different with Akita I ( Full Answer )
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What was the Akita bred for?

Historically, the Akita was a Matagi (hunting) Dog used for hunting large game. They were also used for guard dogs and companion animals. In later times the Akita was used for ( Full Answer )
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Is neru akita a vocaloid?

Neru is a fan-made derived character of Miku Hatsune so technically she is not a true Vocaloid. She does not have her own voice library and instead, many users use an altered ( Full Answer )
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What makes an American akita different then akita inu?

the Japanese akita inu was created in world war 2, the story is there was a Japanese mother with 3 kids in world war 2 and she had to leave her home to go find her and her ( Full Answer )
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Do akita and malamute get along?

The malamute is friendly to other dogs(if well trained) akita's are not suitible to be with another dog as the same gender, so i would recommend you have one for each gender. ( Full Answer )
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Can an akita fight a boxer dog?

Yes, since an akita is a breed of a husky and is strong, they aren't too big a fan of having other dogs around, and are more prone to being dog-aggressive towards other dogs. ( Full Answer )
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Who is Akita Neru?

Akita Neru is supposedly the newer of the Vocaloids in the Vocaloid vocal software. She's the one represented by the girl with the long blonde hair in a single side ponytail-a ( Full Answer )
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What is an akita and what is it commonly used for?

An Akita Inu ('inu' meaning dog) is a breed of dog named after the Akita prefecture in Japan from which it is thought to have originated. The Akita is one of the oldest breeds ( Full Answer )
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Which is stronger pitbull or akita dog?

Akita's are very aggresive ,dominant and overly protective of family.It is already in the breed to be that way.They are not fond of strangers and would never back down to any ( Full Answer )
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Can a pit bull beat a Akita?

that is the stupidest question ever. Why do you even need to know? stupid ppl man. I'm tellin ya.
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Why is the Akita is legendary?

A Long Time Ago In Japan There Was A Akita Named Hachiko And His Owner Went To The Train Station Every Day Then His Owner Died Of A Seizure And The Dog Went To The Train Stati ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell Akita in Japanese?

Names in Japanese have various spellings most of the times. 秋田 /a ki ta/ is a common spelling of that name, also name of a prefecture in Japan.
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Are akitas good with other dogs?

Depends on the individual. But without proper training, Akitas have a high chance of being dog-aggressive.
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What was the Akita first bred for?

The Akita was first bred to hunt large game such as boars and to battle with other dogs in dog fighting. Learn more about the breed history of the Akita at the related link ( Full Answer )
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Is a Japanese Akita the strongest dog?

Akitas are large, powerful dogs - but no - there are stronger dogs. They usually have a very strong and independent personality.
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Which is taller an Akita or a great Dane?

The Great Dane is taller. The females are to be no less than 28 in at the shoulder but preferably 30 in. The males are to be no less than 30 in at the shoulder but preferably ( Full Answer )