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Contributions of akkadians?

2 . 2 . 2 . 2 . --They created the first known empire in history, known as the Akkadian Empire.
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What is the accomplishments of the Akkadians?

They were the first empires to ever exist in the Akkadian times. This was posted by Patricia , Anthony, Matti , Nicky , Brittany , Shiv . We are from Zoller School. As well a (MORE)
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What is the akkadians religion?

The Akkadian religion was an ancient religion in Mesopotamia,during the reign of the Akkadian Empire. The sun god, Shamash.emerged as its most important god.
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What is akkadians?

In my opinion it is the culture shock of a new epic horoscope that tends to come from a country and a city called cali,colðmbia. -AG
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What did the Akkadians eat?

Wheat, barley, cheese, dates, grapes, almonds, lettuce, mutton and melons.
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What did the akkadians invent?

Spears They did not invent iron they may have found it but the hittikes were the first people to use iron tools and weapons
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Who defeated the Akkadians?

The Akkadians were defeated by their subjects, the Sumerians,roughly 200 years after they had invaded, and taken over theirlands.
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What was akkadians clothing?

they would not wear very much clothing because of the weather which was very hot and dry. They wore Linen over there face to keep bugs off. Akkadians were very similar to Sume (MORE)
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Who are the Sumerians and Akkadians?

Sumerians are the ancient people that live in Phoenicia and the Akkadians are the people who lived or live right by the Medditeranion borders
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Who was the akkadians leader?

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Who were the Akkadians in the mesopotamia civilization?

In the Bible we read in Genesis about Nimrod. Well, Nimrod's people built several cities and one of these was Accad and from here we have the Accadians (Akkadians). These peop (MORE)