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Contribution of akkadian?

Akkad is regarded by some as the first empire in history. Thegovernment established help set a standard for other Mesopotamianstates. Roads were built, agriculture produced a (MORE)
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What is akkadian?

Answer . The Akkadian Empire of Mesopotamia conquered Sumer in about 2300 B.C. They lived in Western Asia, above the Arabian Peninsula.
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What are the characteristics of akkadian?

Characteristics. Continuous linguistic changes occurred during the long history of Akkadian. Old Akkadian is a practical, collective term for the writings of the 3rd millenniu (MORE)
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How did the Akkadian empire end?

The Akkadian Empire ended when kings found it hard to rule oversuch a large territory, and soon the Akkadian Empire fell to newinvaders (the Sumerians believed it fell because (MORE)
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What are the akkadian laws?

The Laws of Eshnunna were written in Akkadian on two tablets. Theywere discovered in Iraq. The laws relate to Theft, false distraint,sexual offences, bodily injury, and then d (MORE)
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What was the akkadian empires food supply?

They made the first real empire because they had a very skilled and powerful army. They had a good food supply, loyal people, smart and powerful king, arts, religion, and te (MORE)
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Who were the Akkadian rulers?

The rulers of the Akkadian empire / dynasty, with length of rule were: . Sargon (56 years) . Rimush (9 years) . Manishtu (15 years) . Naram-sin (56 years) . Shar-kali-s (MORE)
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What flag did the akkadian empire use?

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What are many akkadian contributions?

The Accadians were basically the first farmers and many of the early implements of farming were of their origin. They were also the first god-worshippers and this included a p (MORE)
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When did the akkadian empire fall?

Due to Over-expansion and constant barbaric intrusion from northern and southern Babylonian then, they were conquered by the Babylonians...
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What was the akkadian government?

The Akkadian government was a monarchy ruled by an individual or individuals that provided safety in return for status. The commoners were required to route all decisions thro (MORE)
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Is the Akkadian Empire the first empire?

Some people advance earlier versions elsewhere, but Akkad underSargon in the late 3rd Millennium BCE unified Akkad and Sumer intowhat was a clearly identifiable empire.