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Why the In the grove by Ryunosuke Akutagawa doesn't have a linear of the story?

Akutagawa excelled in examining the darker side of humanity in his writings. If you look at "In a Grove," I think each character has their own agenda; hence, each person gives (MORE)
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Who is akutagawa ryunosuke?

An author from Japan who is considered the father of the japaneseshort story. His works in english are compiled in Rashomon andSeventeen other stories. He committed suicide in (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Hiroshi Akutagawa been in?

Hiroshi Akutagawa has: Played Mr. Okada in "Gan" in 1953. Played Kenzo Kubo in "Entotsu no mieru basho" in 1953. Played Takasaka Rokunosuke (Story 1) in "Nigorie" in 1953. Pla (MORE)