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What does the name Alana mean in Hawaiian?

Smart I suppose . I don't now what it means in hawaiian but i know that it means "my baby", dont know what languange though. Alana means fair in hawaiian.
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What is the best nickname for alana?

Lana laylay Lainie lanaboo yayay babygirl yana thoes are my nicknames:) also; lana lani lani loo lanz lana loo lani poo and yeah!
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What is the meaning of the name Alana?

Alana is the female version of Alan. Alan is a 6th century Frenchname with an uncertain meaning. Possible meanings include"handsome" and "little rock". n Gaelic the meaning o ( Full Answer )
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What does Alana mean in Irish?

It is a feminine form of Alan which is a Celtic name but Breton rather than Irish. It is thought to mean 'rock' or 'handsome'. A similar name, Alannah, is from the Irish Gae ( Full Answer )
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Is Alana awesome?

she is really quite strangely funny if you ask me :) considering shes my 'daughter' ae alana ? basiacally she is not awesome lol
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What is 'Alana' when translated from Italian to English?

"Great Dane" is an English equivalent of the Italian word Alana . The feminine singular noun may be preceded by the feminine singular definite article l' ("the") or the ind ( Full Answer )
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Who plays alana in the sleepover club?

Ashleigh Brewer plays Alana in the sleepover club. Is there a fan site for the sleepover club?
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Rod Stewart children with alana Hamilton?

Rod Stewart has two children with Alana Stewart (previously known as Alana Hamilton). They have a daughter called Kimberley and a son named Sean.
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What is the Gaelic form of Alana?

The Gaelic form of Alana is Alannah. COMMENT: No it is not; Alannah is an anglicized version of "a leanbh" (o child, in the vocative case) or alternately a feminine form of ( Full Answer )
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How many children does Alana Stewart have?

Alana Stewart has 3 children. She had one son, Ashley, with her first husband George Hamilton. She also had two children with her second husband, Rod Stewart, a daughter named ( Full Answer )
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Who is alana mcarthy?

She is a(n) studio girl. Also, its Mccarthy. She's an amazing Art & Designer. In Toronto.
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Who is alana Hamilton?

she is a singer who is aged 14 and has a song called 'Butterflies" on youtube by ark music factory.
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Is there a famous person named alana?

yes and look her up on youtube and shoot she talented she is smarter than a computer and girl i know im right
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Why did Alana Kerr die?

She was listening o music and she didn't see the metrolink train coming so it hit her and caused a sad death.She also loved any Nightmare Before x-mas pins. I don't know who ( Full Answer )
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How old is Alana Hamilton?

Alana (Lee) Hamilton is 20 years old (born January 12, 1997). * Alana Hamilton Stewart (ex-wife of George Hamilton) is 72 years old (born May 18, 1945).
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Where does alana blancherd live?

I don't want to answer that because she must be SoO tired of people bothering her all the time even thou I no where she lives and I no her I don't want to answer that
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What does Alana mean in Sioux?

There is no such word in any of the Sioux dialects, so it has no meaning.
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How do you dress like Alana Blanchard?

1. were bikini or other type of bathing suit 2. have your hair out 3. have any type of surf board GOD BLESS
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Is the name alana a nice name?

I like it a lot. I've known 2 Alana's (Uh-Lawn-Uh) and 1 Alannah. (Uh-LAN-Uh) Nicknames- Ally(Aly, Allie, Ali, Alley etc.) Lana (Lawn-Uh), Lanza (Lawn-Za), Alia (Uh-Lee-Uh) (A ( Full Answer )
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How old is alana kershner?

There are a lot of people named Alana Kershner. If you are curious as to the age of the person you know named Alana Kershner, you can always ask her directly.
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Where is Whitney Houston's sister alana?

She is living in Whitney Houstons condo with her mother in NJ, the one that Whitney sued. She is in the process of getting divorced from her husband
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How old is alana byrne?

Alana is 11 and is born 14 of July 2000 so this year she is 12 and is from Australia and is a professional surfer and a professional dancers. And is none to many actors around ( Full Answer )
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When was Alana Rose Banister born?

well how old is she . what does she do . do i know her . is she a woman or child . does she like pickles . ............................................................ ( Full Answer )
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Is Alana V awesome?

Of course she is, anyone who didn't think she is awesome is out of their mind. Alana V is the most awesome person that anyone has ever met.
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How old is Alana Thompson?

Preteen performer Alana Thompson (aka "Honey Boo Boo") is 12 yearsold (born August 28, 2005).
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Where can one purchase a doubletree Alana?

Doubletree Alana is a hotel not an object. One can purchase a stay at the hotel for however long they wish and one can book at the Doubletree Hilton website or by phoning them ( Full Answer )
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How can you find the business branded as Alana?

Unfortunately it is quite hard to find any information about any business branded as Alana. On a wedsite called pinterest one can find some images labeled "Alana business crd ( Full Answer )
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What is Alana Evans famous for?

Alana Evans is famous for her exploits in the pornography business. She was born in July of 1976, and has appeared in a wide variety of films with many different themes.
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Who is Alana Mathis?

Alana Mathis is the same girl from miiverse and she lives inmassachuttes and goes to the kendey school in somerville she hasgmail it's
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When was Alana Davis born?

Alana Davis was born on May 6, 1974, in New York City, New York, USA.
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What has the author Alana Hess written?

Alana Hess has written: 'Options for the collection and disposal of recreational boat sewage at marinas' -- subject(s): Boats and boating, Environmental aspects, Environment ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Alana Bailey written?

Alana Bailey has written: 'The princess of the African savannah' -- subject(s): Children's stories, English
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What has the author Alana Stevenson written?

Alana Stevenson has written: 'Training your dog the humane way' -- subject(s): Training, Dogs, Behavior