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What race is alecia keys?

Her mother is an Irish migrant (caucasian) and her father is jamaican (black). She grew up in the Bronx and was raised only by her mother. Alecia herself although biracial, co ( Full Answer )
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Alecia Beth Moore who is she do you know?

Birth Name:Alecia Beth Moore. Also Known as:P!NK. Born On:September the 8th,1979 (30 years old), Doylestown,Pennsylvania,United States. Origin: Ireland Germany Lithuania. ( Full Answer )
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Does alecia Moore have siblings?

alecia (pink) Moore has two brothers and a sister - pink`s theyoungest of the four She just has a brother his name is Jason
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Whatever happened to Alecia Elliott?

Don't know how true this is, but I just found an article that says that Alecia is no longer a singer and is working for the FBI's Cybercrimes Division.
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Where did Alecia Moore get her name pink?

Her stage name "Pink" was coined as a tribute to the character Mr. Pink from the film .
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What is alecia novinski realmyspace?

Hey Real Official Myspace Is: Theres Yor Anser And That's Her Onley Official Myspace She Dose Have A Personal Wish Is ( Full Answer )
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What is Alecia Novinski famous For?

She Is A SiteModile That Modiles For Layout Site and AOther Stuff I Dont Really Know!
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Is Alecia Novinski A SiteModile?

Yes She Just Stared Being A Site model for myspace if you wanna fine some of her pic's go to youtube or myspace and her myspace is.!
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What is Alecia Moore's fan webpage?

Just go to google and google search pink's website you will find it there trust me
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Who Are Alecia Beth Moore's Parents?

Her father is called James Moore who was a Vietnam war veteren. Her mother was called Judy Kugel who was a nurse.
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Does Alecia Moore have a middle name?

Yes, her middle name is Beth. Her Mother picked out 'Beth because it reminded her of a young girl who died in 1982. .
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What is the sexual orientation of Alecia Beth Moore?

Pink Is not Gay, She married Carey Hart (which Is a guy). Because Carey is a motorbike rider, On his third lap, Pink put up on the score board 'Will you marry me Carey Love Pi ( Full Answer )
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What are Alecia Moores 4 dogs names?

i don't know but i want to!!!! :) She has three dogs i think and their names are Corky, F**ker, and Bailey
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Is alecia novinski real name is Ashley Cyrus?

Yes it is alecia novinski is just a made up name of her. some poser made it up. her real is Ashley Marie Cyrus. and yes shes related to Miley Cyrus. Her real myspace is myspac ( Full Answer )
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Is alecia Beth Moore married?

Yes, she married Carey Hart in 2006, they separated for a short time but got back together after going to marriage counseling.
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What religion is Alecia Moore?

Alecia(preferred name P!nk) has stated that her mother is Jewish but her father is a Christian-Protestant and she herself was born into a Protestant church so she says her rel ( Full Answer )
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Why does Alecia Beth Moore use pink as her stage name?

Its actually quite disturbing why, but one day she did an interview on tv and the host asked the same question. Truth is, Pink was a wild child. She had a friend who was very ( Full Answer )
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Does Alecia Beth Moore have children?

Yes her child is about 4 months old Happily, By The Way She is On Hiatus on her I'M Not Dead Tour And Funhouse Tour
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What rhymes with Alecia?

Alopecia..... a condition that causes round patches of hair loss, and can lead to total hair loss.
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What is Alecia Moore's official fan mail address?

Pink c/o Color Line Arena Sylvesterallee 25 22525 Hamburg Germany ==== 101 Rugby Road ===== the postal address 29 Welbrook Street, London, W1G 8LA ======= ( Full Answer )
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What other name does Alecia Moore goes by?

Alecia Moore is better known by her stage name Pink. She thought that this would be a good original and catchy nickname. It comes from the film Reservoir Dogs.
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What movie and television projects has Alecia Batson been in?

Alecia Batson has: Performed in "Bent" in 2004. Played Legal Assistant in "Waterfront" in 2006. Played Scuba Bride in "27 Dresses" in 2008. Played News Reporter in "Circuit" i ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Alecia Guzman been in?

Alecia Guzman has: Played Desiree in "Step by Step" in 1991. Played Tina Hart in "Silk Stalkings" in 1991. Played Nicole Janson in "High Tide" in 1994. Played Cover Girl in "I ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Alecia Beldegreen written?

Alecia Beldegreen has written: 'The bed' -- subject(s): Beds, Folklore, History, Interior decoration, Sleeping customs