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Where is Alsace-Lorraine?

Alsace and Lorraine are two regions in eastern France. Alsace is the easternmost region of France and contains the départements Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin , Lower and Upp (MORE)
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How did France lose the Alsace-Lorraine territory?

As a result of the Franco=Prussian War of 1870. Bismarck was busy creating the German Empire, and tricked France into the war with the aim of securing those territories and th (MORE)
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What country is a member of Alsace-Lorraine?

Alsace-Lorraine is a Province of France located on the German border near Freiburg. Cities include Strasbourg and Metz, which are German names. In fact, since the fall of t (MORE)
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Show a map of Alsace-Lorraine?

Alsace Lorraine is a region located in the Michelin territory ofFrance. This region is well known for its agriculture.
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Who does alsace-lorraine belong to?

It currently belongs to France. Only the people of Alsace Lorraine should be allowed to choose, not some politicians in their offices...
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Where was Alsace-Lorraine returned to?

Depends on your point of view. Prior to 1945, Alsace was entirely German speaking, and the people did not see France as a liberating power. It was officially returned to Franc (MORE)
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What is unique about the Alsace-Lorraine region?

It is a thorough intermix of two completely different cultures - French and German. One of teh few places two cultures have become so thoroughly entwined.
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Why was Alsace-lorraine a problem?

Both France and Germany claimed it as their own. Germany won and 130000 young alsacians where forced to fight in the German army on pain of death for them and their families. (MORE)
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Why did France want the Alsace-Lorraine region from Germany?

France did not just want the region, they wanted it back. The German Empire was proclaimed in the Palace of Versailles after the Franco-Prussian war (1870-1871). After the Fir (MORE)
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Who is named Roman Alsace-Lorraine?

Roman Alsace-Lorraine was a Mr.Richard Hill of Dudley,NSW,Australia.He changed his name to Roman Alsace-Lorraine on the 8.March.2001 in the Australian Capital Territory.He was (MORE)
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What nation owns Alsace-Lorraine?

It is currently part of France. Historically, it is disputed territory that changed hands between Germany and France scores of times.
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What country wanted revanche for Alsace-Lorraine?

France. Alsace and Lorraine became part of France during the 1600's. In 1871, Germany fought a war with France and won, and part of the settlement was that Alsace and Lorraine (MORE)