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Why did trappers open routes to Alta California?

Trappers opened routes to Alta California to find new areas thathad fur animals to trap. They discovered new routes while lookingfor new places to trap beavers and other anima ( Full Answer )
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What is an altas?

An 'atlas' is a book of maps. 'Alto' is the Spanish word for 'high, tall' and 'altas' is the feminine plural, meaning 'tall women/girls' or 'tall, high......any feminine ( Full Answer )
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What does alta mean in spanish?

High (as in altitude,) or simply tall. Example: Ella es muy alta. (She is very tall.)
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What is an alta edition of a book?

Alta from the Latin Alpha meaning first. Alta Edition means EditionA or First Edition. Porter & Coates, a Philadelphia publishing house, published aseries of books between 187 ( Full Answer )
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What does soy alta mean?

It means "I am tall" keep in mind this only aplies for females. If you were a female you would say "Soy alta" otherwise you should say "Soy alto"
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Alta in summer and winter?

In summer the temperature reaches as high as 50' and in winter they can get as cold as -20'.
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Where are the altas mountains located?

The Atlas Mountains are located in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The Atlas ranges separate the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert.
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Is Alta a Hunter Douglas company?

KI Home by Alta is a brand partnership between Kathy Ireland Worldwide and Custom Brands Group (formerly Alta). Although Custom Brands Group is under the Hunter Douglas umbrel ( Full Answer )
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What is the tax rate in Alta Loma?

Could the enclosed information be the tax rate that is asked for County San Bernardino . 8.750 %. Alta Loma (Rancho Cucamonga
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Alta edition of Swiss family Robinson?

Alta Editions Books which featured many different stories in the late 1800's, including stories by Jules Verne, HG Wells, Dickens etc. There covers were leafy with the story t ( Full Answer )
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How long was Alta California a part of Mexico?

It was discovered in 1542 and was integrated into the territories of the Viceroyalty of the New Spain (as Mexico was formerly known when it was a colony of Spain). When Mexi ( Full Answer )
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Does Alta mean tall in Spanish?

Alta does mean tall in Spanish but it depends whether if you a Male or a Female. Male - Alto Female - Alta
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Did the Jonas brothers perform at alta sierra?

Yes, they did preform at Alta Sierra Middle School in Clovis, CA in the 2007 or 2008 school year before they were as big as they are now. They played during lunch hour inside ( Full Answer )
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What is the cost of the Nescafe Alta Rica?

The cost of the Nescafe Alta Rica differs depending on the country, city, state, and zipcode in which one lives in. The average price is $9.95 to about $15.99 currently.
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What are the features in Alta Vista search engine?

Features on the Alta Vista includes web, image, video, local, shopping, apps, news, and more. The more feature includes answers, directory, sports, finance, blog, all search s ( Full Answer )
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Why were the missions built in Alta California?

"Missions" are / were multipurpose structures used as a form of conquest by the Catholic Church. A few of these purposes were: . To serve as a 'base' to start towns, act as ( Full Answer )
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Where is Alta Ski area located?

The Alta Ski Area is located in Alta, Utah. It is one of the local ski and snow resorts and a popular tourist attraction. User reviews have been very favorable and highly reco ( Full Answer )
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Where is Alta Ski resort located?

Alta Ski resort is located just outside of the suburbs of Salt Lake City Utah. It is in the Wasatch mountains, and has about 2200 acres of ski-able acres.
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What are the causes of acqua alta?

An acqua alta can be a result of many different conflicts. the acqua alta is mainly the cause of rip tide that crash together and form massive barriers.
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What exactly is an Alta Survey?

An ALTA survey (American Land Title Association) refers to land surveying standards. An ALTA survey sets the minimum standards and other elements impacting on the land.
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Is alta bates a Catholic hospital?

is the hosital alta bates catholic....I am tryin to find a caholichospital for my delivery of three sons.
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What has the author Alta Hirst written?

Alta Hirst has written: 'Laboratories, equipment, and practices used in teaching foods in Oregon high schools, 1940' -- subject(s): Study and teaching (Secondary), Home econ ( Full Answer )
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Is Terra Bella in Alta California?

While Alta California ceased to exist as a separate administrativedivision from Baja California in 1836, it's capital city ofMonterey was and still is located north of Terra B ( Full Answer )
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What are the differences between Alta California and Mexico?

In case you talk about time differences...Well, if you don't want to get lost all the time, just get a watchwhich can follow two time zones. As far as I remember, Rolex offerm ( Full Answer )