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What country does the word altus come from?

It is Latin for High. Altus is the name of a city in Oklahoma, the place was moved to a higher site after it was flooded in 1891
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How many miles from Altus Oklahoma to texakarna Texas?

381 miles taking this route: . Follow U.S. 62 EAST from Altus to I-44 in LAWTON. Follow signs to I-44 WEST. . Take I-44 WEST to U.S. 82 EAST via U.S. 281/287 SOUTH in WICHI (MORE)
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Who is Altus Polydarmus?

Altus Polydarmus is a early 16 hundreds member of one of the Sevenclans of Magick. It is not recorded for what clan he was in but hewas known for being the most powerful witch (MORE)
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What does altus mean in latin?

it means "high" or "deep". the feminine form is "alta" and the neuter form is "altum". Quite easy to remember, actrually, when you think about the word "altitude" in engl (MORE)
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What does 'altus' mean in English?

"Altus" is the Latin word that literally translates to the English words of "high", "elevated", or "deep". When used as a participle, it can also be translated to the English (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Altus - 2009?

The cast of Altus - 2009 includes: Seth Austin as Sam Benji Cooksey as Benji Kyle Dean Reinford as Matt Carmine DiBenedetto as Jim Cynthia Luk as Sara Andy Manjuck as Neil Ari (MORE)