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If you have suffered from anemia for at least 4 years now. It has gotten worse through the years you have problems sleeping and take ambien now. Any Suggestions?

I do not believe that ambien is the answer to having anemia, and sorry to say this, but if it was a doctor that recommended that to you then he/she is a bad doctor! Yes, anemi (MORE)
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Is it safe to take 2 Ambiens cr?

It is safe to take two of the 6.25mg pink tablets marked A~. When speaking of the 12.5 mg, blue tablets marked A~, while not causing a serious overdose, you put yourself at un (MORE)
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Can you take two 10mg Ambiens?

Yes, although makers of the drug would probably warn against it. Taken by itself, 20 mg of Ambien doesn't pose any danger (don't take it with alcohol!) terms of toxicity. Howe (MORE)