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What does amorous mean?

Showing a feeling for love especially in the sexual sense. e.g He had drunk a few beers and was feeling amorous. Where were the girls?
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What is an amored dinosaur?

There were thousands of armoured dinosaurs in the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras. Here are a few: - Ankylosaurus - Sauropelta - Edmontonia - Triceratopps - Stegos (MORE)
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Is Amor Amor Amor a bolero?

Yes Amor Amor Amor, is a song sung by Trio Los Panchos and Edie Gorme, Titled "Amor". Many other artist sing it also. Tradition Mexican song. Julian
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What is amoral management?

Managerial behaviors that are indifferent to ethical consideration --as through different standards of conduct apply to business then to aspect of life. amoral management and (MORE)
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What is synonym for amoral?

synonyms . immoral . moral . unmoral . morally . mortal . memorial . merely . numeral . mongrel . mannerly . immortal . unreal . manor . nearly . marital . m (MORE)
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What is amoral behavior?

One should fight or protest for some things which will harm the people . Such an action or involving to protest is a moral duty of human being. Amoral behaviour is not to un (MORE)
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What type of a product is Amor Amor?

Amor Amor is a mixture of mandarin, melati jasmine, sandalwood and musk making for a sparkling fruity floral perfume. Amor Amor is made by Cacharel and is available for purch (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Amor amor amor - 1965?

The cast of Amor amor amor - 1965 includes: Antonio Alatorre as (segment "La Sunamita") Jacqueline Andere as (segment "Lola de mi vida") Max Aub as (segment "La Sunamita") Vic (MORE)
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What is an Amor?

An Amor is any of the asteroids which passes between the orbits of Earth and Mars.