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What are the important rivers and lakes in Greece?

Important lakes in Greece include the Trichonis, the Vovi, theVegoritis, the Bistonis, and the Koronia. Important rivers inGreece include the Aliakmon River, the Acheloos Rive (MORE)
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Why are lakes important?

Because they are the home to many animals. Lakes are a source of drinking water, and are used to generate energy. Lakes are used to irrigate fields and act as a catchment basi (MORE)
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Does Vermont have any lakes or rivers?

Vermont is a state located in the Northeast. There are severallakes and rivers in Vermont, including: Lake Champlain, West River,White River and Winooski River.
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What is the importance of rivers?

Rivers have been used as a source of water, for obtaining food, for transport, as a defensive measure, as a source of hydropower to drive machinery, for bathing, and as a mean (MORE)
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Why is rivers important?

Because fresh water is neccessary for survival for Animals and people. Rivers is fresh water that flows from mountains. In the old days when a group of people would migrate, t (MORE)
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Why were rivers important?

seriously? that is a stupid question. of coarse rivers were important you idiot. infact they are still important because without rivers (and lakes) we wouldnt have any fresh w (MORE)
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What is are some important lakes or rivers in Jamaica?

Martha Brae River; Named after the Indian legend on Martha Brae who was said to have the secret location to a gold mine and took it to her grave instead of offering it to the (MORE)
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Important rivers lakes and mountains in France?

The Loire is the longest river in France, while the Rhine forms the border between France and Germany for a distance of 190 km. . Four major rivers form the backbone of Franc (MORE)
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Importance of the river?

The Yangzi serves as China's east-west highway. Oceangoing ships can navigate some 600 miles inland to the city of wuhan.
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An important river or lake in Uruguay?

The most important and largest river in Uruguay is the Uruguay River that separates Uruguay from Argentina. Also the "Río Negro" (Black River) that crosses Uruguay from eas (MORE)
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Why is river important?

It provides water for the villages/ settlements around them. The water can be used for drinking, watering crops, washing of clothes or utensils or bathing, recriation, a way o (MORE)
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Why do rivers and lakes dry up?

Well, its like a bowl of water and evaporation kind of like a experment just some water and sunlight or heat. The heat will observe and eventually you will see the evaporation (MORE)
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What river feeds into Lake Shasta?

Believe it or not, the Shasta Mountain that consists snow year round melts and creates several streams that feed lake Shasta. There are three main rivers : the McCloud, Sacr (MORE)
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Do rivers make lakes or do lakes make rivers?

Rivers can make lakes and lakes can make rivers. Rain, melting ice and springs make rivers. When a river gets to a wider, deeper part of its course, it has to fill this dep (MORE)
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Why are lakes and rivers so important?

The lakes and rivers are so important because most of all the water comes from there. its a way for life to be sucessful
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Why is importance of river?

Most importantly, Rivers provide fresh water, which is an essential need for the existence of human life or any creature's life for that matter.
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Does Cairo Egypt have important lakes or rivers?

The major river in Egypt is the Nile. It enters Egypt from Sudan and flows north for 1,545 km (960 mi) to the Mediterranean Sea. For its entire length from the southern border (MORE)
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Is it important for the lakes and rivers to maintain a certain pH?

it is important water should be safe or to be maintain a certain pH because the water can be acidic or it can have too much alkaline which means in other word the PH value mus (MORE)
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Why are lakes abnd rivers so im important?

they provide water for us to drink. back then, people used rivers to transport items to different places and to recieve items.