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What job hires fourteen year olds?

My nephew just turned 14 and he was hired by taco Bell. All he needed were working papers.Any fast food restaurant.
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What jobs hire 12 year olds?

Some jobs 12 year olds might do are babysitting, doing errands for neighbors, and mowing grass.
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Jobs hiring 14 year olds?

there are many restaurants hire 14 years old like Mcdonalds, there is also many grocery shops like safeway and giants.
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What places are hiring 16 year olds?

In Arkansas, most fast food establishments will hire 16 year olds. Some grocery stores as well. Their hours to work are limited to only after school hours until about 9:00 pm (MORE)
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What jobs will hire a 15 year old?

At that age there arent many jobs availabe, it also depends on where you live. you could try working at a fast food place, or possible work at the snack shack at a local schoo (MORE)
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What jobs hire 13 year olds?

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Does WalMart hire 16 year olds?

Yes They do hire 16 year olds in most states but you would have to check with them. Well technically it depends on the states child labor laws because walmart the company does (MORE)
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Who hires 16 year olds?

Some grocery/supermarket stores hire 16 year olds. Often there are child appropriate stores in malls that look for younger hires to be kid friendly. Check at Claire's for exam (MORE)
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What jobs will hire a sixteen year old?

Most fast food and retail jobs will hire sixteen-year-olds, provided you're old enough by your state's standard to get a job (which, I believe all states set the legal age at (MORE)
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Jobs hiring 14 year old?

Why don't you try China or Taiwan or any other country in that part of the world, also a lot of the Spanish speaking countries in South or Central America
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Does Target hire 16 year olds?

Yes, you are able to apply for a job at most Target stores around the USA. If you are 16 and wish to be hired at Target, your best time to apply is from summer to roughly Octo (MORE)
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Who will hire a 14 year old for a job?

paper route babysitting grocery store movie theater amusement park supermarket fast food restaraunts shoveling snow mowing grass walking dogs corn detassel (MORE)
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Where is the website that hires 16 year old teens for online jobs?

You'll need to understand first that there are a lot of obstacles discouraging employers from hiring teens. Additionally many online sites wont accept your application if you (MORE)
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Who will hire a 13 year old for a job?

Hi im 12 and my sisters 13 she just lost her paperound due to the financial climate which she is annoyed about because she wants some money! I was going to try writing a note (MORE)
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Does Starbucks hire 16 year olds?

Yes, but most likely you won't be working at the registers or making the food and drinks until you are 18. Teens at the age of 16 are usually cleaning the tables or bathrooms. (MORE)
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What jobs are hiring 13 year olds?

Jobs at 13 are really hard to find. Pet care services, house sitting for vacationers, paper route if available in your area, lawn cutting, leaf raking, snow shoveling, house c (MORE)
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What jobs hire 15 and 16 year olds in Cincinnati?

You might have a hard time getting hired, but most restaurants might hire you as a bus boy, or most fast food places would hire you too. Those types of jobs would probably be (MORE)
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What jobs are hiring 15 year olds?

No job hires at fifteen. . They only hire adults. . So you kids trying take my advice. . Stay at home and let mommy an daddy take care of you. . If they cant they (MORE)
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What jobs hire 15 years olds?

food stores like krogers also target make sure that u get a minor permit so that they give you good hours,
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What jobs are hiring 11 year olds?

Your choices are pretty much limited to babysitting, having a paper route, doing chores for other people, and doing things for your parents for an allowance.
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What jobs are hiring 12 year olds?

None. It is illegal to hire a 12 year old . You can mow lawns, shovel snow , walk or feed dogs, earn an allowance doing chores for your parents. To get a real job you have to (MORE)
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What jobs hire 16 year olds?

Teenagers older than 16 can often find jobs in the hospitalityservices. Waiters, hosts, cashiers, and baby-sitters are examplesof this type of job.
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Jobs hiring 15 years old?

You could work at an animal shelter or goodwill store. It depends on where you live.
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Jobs hiring for 15 year olds?

Federal law puts limits on hours and types of work for teenagers.For fifteen year olds, a local newspaper route, retail stores, andsome restaurants may hire.
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What job hires at 12 years old?

you could do a paper round or . mum helper = baby siter but around the mum . take out the rubbish for neighbours . clean neighbours house if u can improve my answer go a blo (MORE)
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What job hires at fourteen years old?

There is a variety of different jobs a fourteen year old can do.For example: Fourteen- and 15-year-olds are allowed to work in offices, performwork of an intellectual or creat (MORE)
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What job hires 13 year olds?

You can't have an official job until you are about 15 or 16. You could possibly do some jobs around your neighborhood like cutting grass, babysitting, selling lemonade, or oth (MORE)
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What jobs hire 11 year old?

None, the working age is around 14 or 15 years old, depending on the state.
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What job will hire a 13 year old?

at 13 years old, you can: -be an actor/actress -work at a business owned by your parents -caddy at a pubic course -work at a private farm selling hand-picked goods -ump/ref in (MORE)