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Who was Arnhem Annie?

The "Annie" was an American and British name for the 280 mm/11" railroad mounted artillery piece of Anzio fame. The Germans called it the Leopold or the K-5 . Because of staff ( Full Answer )
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Who was Annie Oakley?

Answer . Annie Oakley was an exceptional sharpshooter and her ability caused her to get a part with Buffalo Bill in the Buffalo Bill Wild West show. She was the first femal ( Full Answer )
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Who plays Annie in Annie?

Aileen Quinn Plays Annie, And She Wore An Orange Wig Because Her Hair Is Brown
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What did Annie Oakley do?

She was a famous sharp shooter, she was about the only gal who knew how to shot a gun in the west, she was better than any man alive, and she could even shoot an apple from be ( Full Answer )
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Who wrote Annie?

Benjamin Morre who loved writing novels and changed his novel into the musical. He wrote the storyline and Charles Strouse wrote the songs and combined they made Annie. .
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What is annis liquor?

anise is a licorice flavored spice. I think that's what you mean. Ouzo is greek anise flavored liquor, sambuca is another with the same flavor. anise is a licorice flavored sp ( Full Answer )
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What does Annie mean?

Annie means a tomboy jackass. This person has a sister that is the complete opposite. Her sister is nice, honest and also cares for others. And Annie shows off and she is alwa ( Full Answer )
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When was Annie written?

Annie was originally from the comic strip, Little Orphan Annie that began on August 5, 1924. Thomas Meehan later wrote the book around 1977.
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Where can you get a Annie script?

You can't unless you want to pay some money. I recommend if you want to do this then you can just watch it and type it up so you get a fresh script and it can be organized the ( Full Answer )
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What actress played Annie in the movie Annie?

In the 1982 version, Aileen Quinn stared as Annie. In the 1999 movie, an actress named Alicia Morton played the lead roll.. Diane Keaton
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When did Annie close?

Some years back. it was adapted into a Movie. the comic strip is still extant. Little Orphan Annie, inspired by a poem by James Whitcomb Riley, in the early l900"s is arguably ( Full Answer )
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What is Annie about?

"Annie" is a story set in the era of 1930s (around the time when Franklin D. Roosevelt was President of the US), and is about a little girl who goes from being an orphan in a ( Full Answer )
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Who are the orphans in Annie?

Duffy - the oldest - 13 years old July - the quietest - 13 years old Pepper - the toughest - 12 years old Tessie - the crybaby - 10 years old Kate - the sec ( Full Answer )
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Why is Anni such a doodle?

Because she's a midget who likes hugs and she's best friends with Jacob Bailey. APRIL FOOLS! Figure Poop Anni isn't a doodle.. the person that said that must be pretty ga ( Full Answer )
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Who are the characters in Annie?

Annie, Pepper, Duffy, Molly, Tessie, Kate, July, Miss hannigan, Mr.bundles, Apple seller, street sellers, People walking around NYC, Dogcatcher, Sandy, Ward, Grace, Drake, Ser ( Full Answer )
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What is the musical Annie about?

Annie is about a little girl that's an orphan and has a really mean teacher/foster mom. She tries to sneak away several times but always gets caught. Then this lady "Grace" co ( Full Answer )
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How do you get copyright for Annie?

You cannot get the copyright for Annie as that is held by the authors or their represtatives. You can obtain the performance rights if you want to put on a show by contacting ( Full Answer )
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Who played Annie in the Musical Annie?

Aileen Quinn played Annie in the 1982 movie Musical of Annie while Alicia Morton did in 1999. there have been many girls that have played Annie on Broadway and touring, bu ( Full Answer )
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What are the songs from Annie?

Maybe Tomorrow It's a hard knock life Easy street You're never fully dressed without a smile I think I'm gonna like it here I don't need anything but you Little ( Full Answer )
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What is the play Annie about?

In the depths of the 1930's, Annie is a fiery young orphan girl who must live in a miserable orphanage run by the tyrannical Miss Hannigan. Her seemingly hopeless situation ch ( Full Answer )
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Who was Annie Okley?

She was very good with a gun. She could shoot a tip of a cigarette off when it's in someones mouth without killing the person.
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Is there an Annie 2?

yes, and I've heard about it. but even though I've never seen it, i don't plan to because i think it's a sad mock of the original.
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What is the movie Annie about?

Annie, the movie, produced in 1982, is about a girl who lives in an orphanage in New York. Then, one day, a wealthy man comes to pick up an orphan, who will stay with him over ( Full Answer )
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Who was Annie ellsworth?

She was the daughter of a good friend of Samuel F.B Morse. She came up with the words for the first telegraph sent, "What Hath God Wrought".
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Who played Annie in Annie get your gun?

Several actresses have played Annie on Broadway. A few of those actresses are Ethel Merman, Bernadette Peters, Cheryl Ladd, Susan Lucci, and Reba McEntire. Betty Hutton played ( Full Answer )
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Who was shoebox Annie?

"Shoebox Annie" was a serial killer who sold shoelaces out of an old shoebox. She lived around the 1930 time period, and was charged with murdering several children.
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Who is Annie Chui?

Annie Chui was a Thai starlet/A-movie star. Though she was reported to have been tragically killed in a traffic accident in 2005, she lives on and graces the world with her ( Full Answer )
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Who is molly in Annie?

Molly is the littlest orphan girl, she wakes up one night having a bad dream so Annie sings to her. She does a great impersanation of the mean miss hanigan in hard knock life ( Full Answer )
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What is Latin for Annie?

Anna. If you want to have proper latin translation there would be a macron over the last "a" in Anna.
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What is the musical Annie is about?

First of all, I think the person who asked this question meant "What is the musical Annie about" the answer is: The musical "Annie" is about an 11 year old orphan who long ( Full Answer )
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Who is Annie Kingsley?

Annie Kingsley is a Project Management Co-op employee who works at Massachusetts General Hospital. She attended Athol High School and Northeastern University.
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Who is Annie Thurman?

Annie Turman plays district 9 girl in the hunger games 'the girl with the grain'
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Who is Craig Annis?

There are probably many 'Craig Annis's but the one that comes to my mind is an Adelaide, Australia based radio host for the station 'SAFM' :)
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Who is Annie Leblanc?

Annie leblanc is a famous youtube brataley star and is also knownon musically,and instagram.she has her own youtube channel acroannaand annie leblanc. she is also agymnast wit ( Full Answer )