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Broadway ANNIES Who were?

Answer . One famous former "Annie" actress was Sarah Jessica Parker!
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What is annis liquor?

anise is a licorice flavored spice. I think that's what you mean. Ouzo is greek anise flavored liquor, sambuca is another with the same flavor. anise is a licorice flavored sp (MORE)
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Why is Anni such a doodle?

Because she's a midget who likes hugs and she's best friends with Jacob Bailey. APRIL FOOLS! Figure Poop Anni isn't a doodle.. the person that said that must be pretty ga (MORE)
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Does anni have a life?

no anni doesnt. layne sucks. no anni doesnt. layne sucks
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Is there anny hotels on Build-a-Bearville?

Only on cub condos. You can buy your dorm room and put an hotel but if you don't have a cub condo you can only just go to Maxine's house :)
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Who is black annis?

mythological beast in england. believed to be celtic origin
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How old is Anny Duperey?

Anny Duperey is 64 years old (birthdate: June 28, 1947).
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What is the Italian 'Ho anni' in English?

" I'm ... years old " is an English equivalent of " Ho ... anni ." Specifically, the Italian verb " ho " means "(I) am." The masculine noun " anni " means "years." The (MORE)
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What is the meaning of anni domini?

Anno Domini is from medieval Latin and means "In the year of our Lord". It is used to denote years in the Julian and Gregorian calendars.
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When did Anni Blomqvist die?

Anni Blomqvist died on June 26, 1990 at the age of 80.
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Who is don giov anni?

Don Giovanni is the central character of an opera by Mozart first performed 29th October 1787

Who was Anni-Frid Lyngstads father?

Anni-Frid's father was Alfred Haase, a German soldier who was romantically involved with Frida's mother, Synni Lyngstad, in occupied Norway in 1944. Synni believed he was lost (MORE)

Who is the husband of anni frid lyngstads?

Anni-Frid Lyngstad is a widow. She was married to Prince Heinrich Ruzzo Reuss of Plauen from 1992 (common law since 1986) until his death in 1999.
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Who is Craig Annis?

There are probably many 'Craig Annis's but the one that comes to my mind is an Adelaide, Australia based radio host for the station 'SAFM' :)
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How do you spell annying?

The correct spelling is "annoying" (causing irritation, bothersome).