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What are forms of rain cover besides umbrellas and rain coats?

Answer . You can use just a normal cotton hoodie or zip hoodie with a hoodless windbreaker or jogging jacket. The hood will get soaked and drenched but the jacket willl ke (MORE)
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Is rain living?

Rain isn't a living thing because it doesn't eat food, and more.
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Why do pools turn yellow after it rains?

First of all, your pool probably was already on the verge of turning yellow before the rain. Rain has some contaminants in it and the runoff from the deck and vegetation etc a (MORE)
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What is little or no rain?

little rain is when its barely raining and no rain means no rain at all.
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Does anyone know why HUNTER rain boots get a white coating or film on them?

Yes - it's due to the wax the rubber is treated with to protect them. The rubber will, essentially, "sweat" out the wax, leaving a white residue on the boot. Certain condi (MORE)
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Who wears a yellow coat and pants?

From a fictional standpoint both Paddington Bear and Christopher Robin have been shown wearing a yellow rain coat and pants.
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What do you wear when it rains?

You wear a pinapple stuck to your face with a tiny guocalmole salad on your feet.