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What season is April in?

April in the southern hemisphere is in Autumn. In the northern hemisphere it is in Spring.
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Who was born in April?

Check out the following page for April births in music: Katherine Smith Welt was born April 12, 1993
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What does April mean?

It comes from the latin Aprillus and means 'to open' or 'opening'. It is the spring month, blossoms opening etc, the month of rebirth and hope for the future.
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Is Easter in April?

Usually but not always. Sometimes it's in March instead. (If you're Eastern Orthodox, sometimes it's in May instead.)
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What happens in April?

April is the month when the flowers start to appear, the birds start singing and it smells like summer outside again. There are two main events in April. April fool´s day a ( Full Answer )
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What holidays are in April?

Well there is always April fools day, Easter and Earth day. But April is also holocaust month, and national poetry month as well as jazz appretiation month.
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What is April in French?

April in French is ' avril'. . The names of the months and days of the week are not capitolized in French.
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What rhymes with April?

There are no exact rhymes in English for April, but here are some close rhymes: maple, staple * able, cable, fable, label, sable, stable * naval, navel unfortunately Apr ( Full Answer )
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What is April named after?

The name is derived from the Latin 'aprilis', either from the Latin word 'aperire' which means 'to open', probably a reference to growing plants in spring, or from the Etrusca ( Full Answer )
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Which season is April in?

April is the first full month of the spring season in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, it's the first full month of the fall season.
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What is the birthstone for April?

Diamond or White Topaz. Alternate birthstone for April: White Topaz . Color: Clear or transparent
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What April in French?

April -- Avril (note that names of months and days are not capitalized in French)
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Who is little April?

just a nice girl from a small town who disappeared from the face of the earth
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Where did April get its name?

The Romans named the 4th month Aprilis, but the derivation of thisname is uncertain. Here are two main theories: . The traditional etymology is from the verb aperire, "to op ( Full Answer )
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Who is birthday's in April?

Some famous people born in April are Randy Orton, Eddie Murphy,Paris Jackson, and Jamie Lynn Spears. Also on the list are ColinPowell, Pharrell Williams, Taylor Kitsch, and Ru ( Full Answer )
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Where did April get its name from?

Well....I think we got the name April based on the french name Avril. Which also means April. But if you want to know where the French got the name Avri, well I don't know.
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Who is the goddess for april?

The Romans gave this month the name Aprillis. The Anglo Saxonscalled the month Eastre which is the root word for Easter. Eostrewas a Germanic Goddess also connected with Easte ( Full Answer )
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Is April in spring?

Yes it is. The season of spring officially starts when the season of winter ends, on March 21st, continues through the months of April and May, and concludes on June 21st at w ( Full Answer )
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When did April get its name?

The derivation of the Latin name ' Aprilis' is uncertain. It may be from 'Aperire' meaning 'to open' a reference to Spring
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Why is April Fools' Day in April?

Because it says "April" fools. Oh and if you want to know a good joke you need this stuff: CLEAR fingernail polish All the soap in the house and somewhere nobody will se ( Full Answer )
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Why is April called April?

April was called April because of the greek god(whose name i can't remember) they made the calender after the time gods were dead they named April after her...
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Who is April Bieber?

There is no such person. The hashtag #ripAprilBieber was used byJustin Bieber to express condolences over the death of one of hisfans, 15-year-old Sodany April Phann, who was ( Full Answer )
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Who is an April fool?

April first is April fools day, a special day designated to playing tricks on people. If somebody gets the better of you with a white lie on April the first, then you are ( Full Answer )
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What is April 20 about?

Think about it. You can write April 20 as 4/20, or 420. 420 is another word for Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, Ganja, Pot, or whatever you want to call it. All the potheads get st ( Full Answer )
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Where is winter in April?

Around the Earth, April is a month that can only either be spring or autumn, so there'll be no winters in April
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Why was the month of April named April?

April comes from the latin word apherire,to open. April was named after apherire because April is the month that the flowers start to open.
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What is April in Japanese?

The Japanese name for April is pronounced si' gatsu but it is spelled ay-pril, or eipuriru. There are many other forms but we'll stick to these two. Not literally.
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Why do we have April Fool's?

Because a young girl got pranked on April 1st so she seeks revenge on April 1st
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Why does it not snow in April?

it snows because its not summer at the end of april the snows all gone
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What is the occasion of April?

The exact time of Easter varies, but sometimes it falls in April. Also, April Fools day is April 1st.
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April in Danish?

april with a lowercase 'a' instead of a capital one in English - and stressed at second syllable.
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What is on the 22 April?

Sunday, April 22, 2012 ----------------------------------------------- Country Event ----------------------------------------------- Guam Children and Youth Sunday ( Full Answer )
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What is a April and many?

April and May are two months that come in Spring. January February March APRIL MAY June July August September October November December
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Where is April jones?

april jones isnt anywere but the only place she is in is heaven because she has been killed
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Who is April Torres?

Shes very hard to explain sice she is spoiled..... she is smallwears toms at P.E gets in too much fights so thats all i could saysince i dont care about her.. and im writing t ( Full Answer )