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Is Selena Gomez going on tour in 2010?

yes she is, she said she was touring in 2010 on her say now number because her CD comes out in September. hope that helps :)
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Is ac dc going to tour in 2010?

Yes. Their Black Ice tour is going to New Zealand and Australia in 2010. The tour arrives in New Zealand on Jan 28 in Wellington and ends on March 8 in Perth, Australia.
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Is coldplay going on tour in 2010?

Only the Latin America mini-tour that occurred in February and March. Other than that, they are working on a new album.
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Who is going on tour in 2010?

Korn, Breaking Benjamin, Nickleback ,Sick Puppies ,Souls Harbor,2 Cents, JUSTIN BIEBER,NEVER SHOUT NEVER, Smackdown WWE haha and a whole lot more...
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What years did Michael Jackson go on tour?

Bad World Tour; started in 1987 and finished 1989. Dangerous World Tour; started in 1992 and finished in 1993. HIStory World Tour; started in 1996 and finished in 1997.