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How can send IM in a network using command prompt?

Answer . "msg" command might help.. It pops up a message box on the users PC.. C:/> msg "Hello". Answer . "msg" command might help.. It pops up a message box on the (MORE)
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Are there any mmorpgs which are free and don't have a client?

heres some clubpe (MORE)
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Dial up networking works by using what Protocol to send packets of data over phone lines?

Dial-Up Protocols The both machines must use the same dial -up protocol, to ensure the safe reliable transmission of data over phone lines between a dial-up server and a re (MORE)
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Diskaid keeps telling me to close any app that might be locking the file when im trying to copy to PC when I don't even have an app that can do that?

This is for anyone who used to use Diskaid to import TomTom ov2 files into the TomTom App. Ok, I was using Diskaid to import my Work and Favourite POI's into my TomTom app. (MORE)
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What are the best apps for Android phone?

Depends on what you're looking for. Some popular time waster games are the Angry Birds franchise, card games like Solitaire and poker and hidden object games. Utility apps ( (MORE)
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How many apps can a Android phone have?

It doesnt depend on android it depends on the phone company and space that one can have in that phone. Mobile manufacturing company decides the that what is memory limit of ou (MORE)
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What are the best free android apps?

The best free android apps are as follows: 1. Twitter 2. Facebook 3. Instagram 4. AppLock DoMobile 5. Transparent screen 6. Horoscope & Astrology 7. Treasure screen lock (MORE)
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How do you uninstall apps from an Android phone?

Simply go the Android market web and open the link of that app again. On the main page of that app you will see a button to uninstall that app. . Basically you can uninstall (MORE)
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How do you delete apps on an Android phone?

Go to Settings -> Applications (the exact name of this point differs for each phone, and even each ROM, but they should all mention 'Applications' in the title.) -> Manage App (MORE)
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Is there any apps to run exe on an Android phone?

there are two ways to do this, the first is by emulating the whole of an op system. One way to do this is by using bochs or qemu. search for either "android bochs" or "android (MORE)
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Where to get free android apps?

There are many free apps available to download on the Google PlayStore. If you want to get paid apps for free, just google the nameof the app you want and put ".apk" at the en (MORE)
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Can you get i - phone apps on an android phone?

This depends on the developer. Sometimes a developer will develop applications exclusively for Android or exclusively for iOS. But you can usually find the same app or a simil (MORE)
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How do you monetize an Android phone app?

Hello, My name is Yang and I'm from, an Android ad network that connects app developers with advertisers through targeted audio ads. We help developers moneti (MORE)
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How can you make a free android app?

All you do is download an app called Make An App and there you go! An app that's all yours and yes you can share it.
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Are Android apps free to make?

Yes, if you have the software and knowledge to make it all you would need to pay is the $25 fee to register as a Google Play Developer and you can upload it to the Play Store. (MORE)
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How do you download apps to an android phone?

Go to the Google Play Market (a preinstalled widget on your android phone) and select the app you'd like. From there, just press download and it will d/l and install it on you (MORE)
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Need to send free text from pc to Android phone?

do you have an email account? text messages are basically tiny emails...just remember, only text and a limit of 180 characters MAX including spaces..etc... you can send dir (MORE)
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Which i phone is better 5s or 5c?

The iPhone 5s has a metal housing while the iPhone 5c has a plasticcase. There are minor variations in quality of parts, but overall,the 5s is likely the better phone.
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What are the apps that come with the iPhone 5c?

iPhone 5s comes pre-installed with the several apps. These apps areMaps, Messages, Passbook, Camera, Reminders, Notes, Phone, Videos,Weather, FaceTime, iTunes Store, Stocks, M (MORE)
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How can you send your installed Android apps to your friend via WiFi?

What you need is a file manager app. Let me show you how to do itby File Expert, which is the one I install on my Android phone. Enter the app-My Files tab-Apps-Select the ap (MORE)