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What inspired Jennifer Nettles to sing?

She was contantly exposed to music from the time she was a baby. Her mother played the radio and said Jennifer would sing along in perfect time. For more info check out Jennif (MORE)
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Is Jennifer Nettles married?

Yes, Jennifer Nettles is married. Jennifer Nettles and Justin Miller, an entrepreneur and former model, married on November 26, 2011 at a small ceremony in the Smoky Mountains (MORE)
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Jennifer Nettles married?

Yes, Jennifer Nettles is/was married to Todd Van Sickle. I'm not sure if they have gotton divorced or not.
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Jennifer Nettles parents?

Not sure about her father, but her mom's name is Carla Ricketson, my former english teacher.
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Who is Jennifer Nettles?

Jennifer Nettles is a singer, musician, and songwriter currently performing in the country band Sugarland.
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Where is Jennifer Nettles from?

Douglas, Ga., which is approximately 205 miles southeast of Atlanta, GA and 260 miles northwest of Orlando, FL
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What is Jennifer nettles husbands job?

Her first husband,Tod Van Sickle,was a former club owner. Her current husband,justin miller,was a former model who appeared in the band's 2006 video "Want To" and he is curren (MORE)
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Can Jennifer Nettles have children?

Its been reported that she can't have kids,although she has never confirmed or denied it. She has never discussed the topic either. She and her new husband,justin miller, curr (MORE)
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Did Jennifer Nettles get plastic surgery?

Yes, she has had plastic surgery. Jennifer Nettles has had a fewprocedures done including; breast implants, liposuction, cheekimplants and nose reconstruction.
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Does Jennifer Nettles speak Spanish?

Yes she does, she lived in Guatemala for a year, revisited twice in 07 and 08, and graduated with a college degree in Spanish. She is fluent, and you can hear her singing in S (MORE)
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What is Jennifer Nettles favorite thing to do?

I recently read on tumblr that jennifer said she and her husband justin trying for a baby,so i'm guessing that her fav thing is to,you,try for a baby ;)
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Is Jennifer nettle pregnant?

I heard she was pregnant when she started duets,but she miscarried. I also heard her and her husband took it hard.