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Who is artie lange?

Answer . He is a slob comedian best known for stints on MadTV, the sitcom "Norm," the film "Dirty Work," and Howard Stern's radio show.
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What is the value of Artie Shaw albums?

More information is needed. Are these 78 rpm Bakelite disks in their original album holders? Are they LPs? What condition are they in? What company issued them - Shaw recorded ( Full Answer )
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What is a Hindu arti ceremony?

It is a ceremony of worship that takes place in front of murtis (carved statues of god that the god is acctully present in) of the Gods. The priest has a tray with a diya (lam ( Full Answer )
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What do Hindus do at Arti?

Hindus pray to god at aarti. They use little diyas to do aarti. This is the time where Hindus think of god and that we should sing to them, so that they can be happy for all t ( Full Answer )
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What is arti?

An arti is a Hindu prayer sung for the Hindu gods and there are many arti separate for each Hindu GOD. It is also one of common name for Hindu Indian girls
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How did artis Gilmore get his nickname?

Gilmore was given the nickname for his unpretentious, but dominating style of play.. Source: Wikipedia
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What is artie lange's salary?

$700,000 per year at Sirius XM and about $3 million a year on the stand-up circuit. Too Fat to Fish, his memoir, is on the New York Times bestseller list. Random House has alr ( Full Answer )
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When will Artie Lange die?

he will die sooner or later he will start up using drugs again and die for a drug overdose Could be any day. Went into hospital Sat 1/2/10
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How was the Hindu arti lamp used?

It was used in a number of ways. For Example: watching it whilst praying to help them feel closer to their God. Hindus use it. It has five edges and they symbolise: water, fir ( Full Answer )
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What is an arty strike?

Slang term for Artillery strike, a bombardment of long range projectiles, shells or more commonly nowadays rockets. A feature of the multiplayer PC game Battlefield 2.
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What is an arti lamp?

An Arti lamp is a candle with five flames. It's used in a Hindu service called Puja. Hindus can perform this service in their own home, or they can go to a temple, where they ( Full Answer )
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What is a arti lamp?

An arti lamp is passed round the people in a mandir or temple for the arti ceremony. This ceremony is where everybody passes their hands over the lighted lamp and then over th ( Full Answer )
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Who is Artie Arnell?

Artie Arnell was a band leader who played the accordion and piano. He was born in Pennsylvania and died there. He traveled to a lot of places to entertain with his orchestra. ( Full Answer )
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Who is artis mills?

etta james' husband. he went to prison for her in 1972, got out in 1982. they are still married and have two sons, donto and sametto.
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What does arty tart mean?

You know, I just have to take a stab at this one. My wildoff-the-cuff guess is, since Donovan may have sung this phrase inhis song, Lalena, which I assume is about a woman, th ( Full Answer )
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In Glee is Artie a tenor?

Artie could be classified as a tenor when using his head-voice, but I believe that he is much more of a baritone.
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What does Ars gratis artis mean?

The correct phrase is Ars Gratia Artis; it means 'Art for Art's sake'. Wich can be found on movies with the growling lion.
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Was Artie Shaw rich?

He was one of the most popular bandleaders of the 1930s and 1940s, and went on to become a producer and author, all of which made him extremely wealthy.
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Who was Artie Shaw married to?

Artie Shaw was the equal of Dame Elizabeth Taylor in terms of "serial marriages": . Jane Cairns (1932-33) . Margaret Allen (1934-37) . Lana Turner (1940) . Betty Kern (1 ( Full Answer )
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Why did artie need a wheelchair in glee?

Because when he was eight, he got into a bad car crash with his mum. His mum was okay but he was paralysed from the les down. :(
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How old is Artie Shaw?

Artie Shaw was born on May 23, 1910 and died on December 30, 2004. Artie Shaw would have been 94 years old at the time of death or 105 years old today.
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What is the Hindu arti tray?

The arti tray is the tray used in worship, and primarily the arti ceremony, where five whichs of an arti lamp are lit and rotated around the murti (the image of the deity/god) ( Full Answer )
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When do people celebrate Arti Ceremonies?

Arti celebrate at the end of Bhakti . It is symbolic to aware of our five sences and singe diva is symbolic to our soul.
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Is arty an adjective?

Yes. According to "characterized by a showy, pretentious, and often spurious display of artistic interest, manner, or mannerism." Variations are Artier, Arties ( Full Answer )
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What are the services provided by Artis Indonesia?

Artis Indonesia offers information about models, actors and singers. They offer talented models and entertainers to help businesses and companies with any advertisement needs ( Full Answer )
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What kind of nonprofit is Artis?

Artis is a nonprofit organization that helps to broaden and understand the contemporary style art from Israel. The Artis organization creates platforms and programs to help ar ( Full Answer )
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Who does Artie Abrams like?

In Season 1 he liked Tina but in Season 2 she dumped him for Mike Chang. He still liked her for a while, but then liked Brittany and dated her. In Season 3 he had a short kind ( Full Answer )
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When did Artie Fielder die?

Artie Fielder died on May 11, 2003, in San Antonio, Texas, USA of complications from viral pneumonia..
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Who is via artis konsort?

Via Artis Konsort is an international Early Music ensemble playing innovative music from the borderland between early classical and modal world music traditions.
Via Art ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Arty Trost written?

Arty Trost has written: 'Gaining momentum for board action' -- subject- s -: Associations, institutions, Directors of corporations, Management, Nonprofit organizations
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What has the author Artie Traum written?

Artie Traum has written: 'Jazz Picture Chords And How To Use Them' 'The legends of rock guitar' -- subject(s): Biography, Guitarists, Rock musicians 'Beginning Rock Guit ( Full Answer )