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What do Hindus do at Arti?

Hindus pray to god at aarti. They use little diyas to do aarti. This is the time where Hindus think of god and that we should sing to them, so that they can be happy for all t (MORE)
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What is arti?

An arti is a Hindu prayer sung for the Hindu gods and there are many arti separate for each Hindu GOD. It is also one of common name for Hindu Indian girls
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What is an arty strike?

Slang term for Artillery strike, a bombardment of long range projectiles, shells or more commonly nowadays rockets. A feature of the multiplayer PC game Battlefield 2.
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What is an arti lamp?

An Arti lamp is a candle with five flames. It's used in a Hindu service called Puja. Hindus can perform this service in their own home, or they can go to a temple, where they (MORE)
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What is a arti lamp?

An arti lamp is passed round the people in a mandir or temple for the arti ceremony. This ceremony is where everybody passes their hands over the lighted lamp and then over th (MORE)
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Who is artis mills?

etta james' husband. he went to prison for her in 1972, got out in 1982. they are still married and have two sons, donto and sametto.
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How old is Artis Pabriks?

Artis Pabriks is 45 years old (birthdate: March 22, 1966).
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How old is Artis Gilmore?

Artis Gilmore is 63 years old (birthdate: September 21, 1949).
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Who plays arty in glee? plays Artie Abrams on the show Glee.
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What is the Hindu arti tray?

The arti tray is the tray used in worship, and primarily the arti ceremony, where five whichs of an arti lamp are lit and rotated around the murti (the image of the deity/god) (MORE)
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Is arty an adjective?

Yes. According to "characterized by a showy, pretentious, and often spurious display of artistic interest, manner, or mannerism." Variations are Artier, Arties (MORE)