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List of the Asia-Pacific countries?

Asia-Pacific countries are not only Asian countries that border the Pacific Ocean. They include Asian countries that are near, but don't touch, the Pacific, as well as Oceanic (MORE)
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What was Asias population?

Asia's population as at 2014 stands at 4.427 billion. This is thehighest populated continent in the world which accounts for about62% of the world population.
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How do you say 'Angela is in Asia' in Chinese?

'Angela is in Asia' is pronounced as 'an ji la zai ya zhou' and is written as '安吉拉在亚洲'. The breakdown is as follows: Angela = an ji la = å (MORE)
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What is Asias total area?

big. a proper answer would be that Asia covers 17,176,102 square miles
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Asias largest city?

The largest city in Asia by population is Cebu in the Philippines.Cebu has a population of 46,400,00 people. The second largest isDasmarinas, Philippines, and the third larges (MORE)
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What is 'Asia' in Arabic?

in English it is said as ( ajaaa ) in Arabic it said (aaasia ) S is pronounced as S not J and it is written as : آسيا
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What are Asias religion?

Buddhism is the most common. Shinto is Japan's national religion. Confucianism and Taoism are popular in China. Folk religions are also well represented.
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How many countries in Asia-?

There are 48 countries in Asia. Some of them are China, India,Iraq, Israel, Jordan, and many others.
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Is Russia in Asia-?

Russia is geographically considered both a country in Europe andAsia, but three-quarters it lies in Asia.
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What is Asia-?

Asia is a country with Asian people